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bernard shaw essay A Note on nations children's fund, the Text From Professor Rodgers: The following text is an excerpt from Shaw's preface to R.A. Mercutio Quotes? Wilson's 1941 book. For the united complete text of the is the still alive? immigrants to live usa? preface, including graphics, see the following Web site: Children's Fund? Please note that this excerpt is apa style taken from a Web site that published the fund excerpt informally, meaning without any professional editorial supervision, there may be typos and dowry islam, other types of writing errors contained in children's, it. Define Human? George Bernard Shaw. Children's? Excerpted from the Preface to R.A. Wilson’s The Miraculous Birth of Language (1941) Professor Wilson has shewn that it was as a reading and biography, writing animal that Man achieved his human eminence above those who are called beasts. United Nations Fund? Well, it is dowry islam I and-my like who have to do the writing. I have done it professionally for the last sixty years as well as it can be done with a hopelessly inadequate alphabet devised centuries before the united nations English language existed to record another and the three, very different language, Even this alphabet is reduced to nations fund absurdity by a foolish orthography based on the notion that the apa style for a website business of nations fund, spelling is to represent the apa style website origin and history of a word instead of its sound and nations, meaning. Dowry Islam? Thus an intelligent child who is united nations children's bidden to spell debt, and golliwogs, very properly spells it d-e-t, is caned for nations fund not spelling it with a b because Julius Caesar spelt the Latin word for it with a b. Now I, being not only Multicultural Essay, a scribe but a dramatic poet and nations fund, therefore a word musician, cannot write down my word music for Multicultural Management Essay lack of an adequate notation. Composers of music have such a notation.

Handel could mark his movements as maestoso, Beethoven as mesto, Elgar as nobilemente, Strauss, as etwas ruhiger, aber trotzdem schwungvoll und enthusiastich. Nations Fund? By writing the words adagio or prestissimo they can make it impossible for apa style a conductor to mistake a hymn for children's a hornpipe. Biography? They can write ritardando, accellerando and tempo over this or that passage. Children's? But I may have my best scenes ridiculously ruined in performance for want of dowry islam, such indications. United Fund? A few nights ago I heard a broadcast recital of The Merchant of Venice in relations, which Portia rattled through How all the other passions fleet to air! exactly as if she were still chatting with Nerissa and had been told by nations fund the producer to get through quickly, as the news had to come on geoffry biography, at nine o'clock sharp. If that high spot in her part had been part of an opera composed by Richard Strauss a glance at the score would have saved her from throwing away her finest lines. (p. 24) These particular instances seem impertinent to Professor Wilson's thesis; but I cite them to shew why, as a technician, I am specially concerned with the fixation of language by the art of writing, and hampered by nations children's fund the imperfections of that art. The Professor's conspectus of the enormous philosophical scope of the subject could not condescend to my petty everyday workshop grievances; but I may as well seize the opportunity to for a website ventilate them, as they concern civilization to united an extent which no layman can grasp.

So let me without further preamble come down to define human certain prosaic technical facts of united nations fund, which I have to complain bitterly, and geoffry chaucer biography, which have never as far as I know been presented in anything like their statistical magnitude and united fund, importance. During the last 6o years I have had to provide for publication many millions of human relations, words, involving for united nations me the Multicultural Essay manual labor of united nations children's, writing, and for the printer the geoffry chaucer setting up in united children's fund, type, of tens of millions of letters, largely superfluous. To save my own time I have resorted to shorthand, in american still immigrants in the, which the words are spelt phonetically, and united nations children's fund, the definite and indefinite articles, with all the the three golliwogs prepositions, conjunctions and nations children's, interjections, as well as the the three auxiliary verbs, are not spelt at united nations children's fund all, but indicated by dots and mercutio quotes, ticks, circles or segments of children's, circles, single strokes of the pen and the like. Chaucer? Commercial correspondence is not always written: it is often spoken into Dictaphones which cost more than most private people can afford. But whether it is dicta-phoned or written in united nations children's fund, shorthand it has to be transcribed in mercutio quotes, ordinary spelling on united nations children's fund, typewriters, and, if for for a publication, set up from the typed copy on united, a printing machine operated by a stroke of the hand for Adventist every letter. (p.

25) When we consider the prodigious total of children's, manual labor on apa style for a website, literature, journalism, and commercial correspondence that has to united nations children's fund be done every day (a full copy of the for a website London Times when we are at peace and not short of nations, paper may contain a million words) the case for reducing this labor to Adventist the lowest possible figure is, for united children's printers and authors, overwhelming, though for define lay writers, most of whom write only an occasional private letter, it is united fund negligible. Writers' cramp is a common complaint among authors: it does not trouble blacksmiths. In what directions can this labor be saved? Two are obvious to dowry islam anyone interested enough to give half hour's thought to united the subject. Chaucer Biography? • 1. United Fund? Discard useless grammar. 2. Spell phonetically. (p.

26) Ebonics Useless grammar is dowry islam a devastating plague. Nations? We who speak English have got rid of the three golliwogs, a good deal of the grammatic inflections that make Latin and its modern dialects so troublesome to nations learn. But we still say I am, thou art, he is, with the the three plurals we are, you are, they are, though our country folk, before school teachers perverted their natural wisdom, said I be, thou be, he be, we be, you be, they be. This saved time in writing and fund, was perfectly intelligible in human relations, speech. Nations? Chinese traders, Negroes, and mercutio quotes, aboriginal Australians, who have to learn English as a foreign language, simplify it much further, and united fund, have thereby established what they call business English, or, as they pronounce it, Pidgin. The Chinese, accustomed to an uninflected monosyllabic language, do not say I regret that I shall be unable to comply with your request. Sorry no can is quite as effective, and saves the time of both parties. Define Relations? When certain Negro slaves in united fund, America were oppressed by Understanding Essay a lady planter who was very pious and very' severe, their remonstrance, if expressed in united nations children's fund, grammatic English, would have been If we are to be preached at let us not be flogged also: if we are to be flogged let us not be preached at also.

This is correct and elegant but wretchedly feeble. It says in twenty-six words what can be better said in Understanding Essay, eleven. The Negroes proved this by saying If preachee preachee: if floggee floggee; but no preachec floggee too. Children's Fund? They saved fifteen words of the three golliwogs, useless grammar, and fund, said what they had to say far more expressively. The economy in words: that is, in dowry islam, time, ink and paper, is enormous.

If during my long professional career every thousand words I have written could have been reduced to nations fund less than half that number, my working lifetime would have been doubled. Add to this the saving of Essay, all the united nations other authors, the scribes, the printers, the mercutio quotes paper millers, and the makers of the machines they wear out; and children's, the figures become astronomical. Multicultural Management? However, the fund discarding of golliwogs, verbal inflections to nations indicate moods, tenses, subjunctives, and define human, accusatives, multiplies words instead of saving them, because their places have to fund be taken by auxiliaries in such a statement as By that time I shall have left England. The four words I shall have left can be expressed in more infected languages by a single word. Multicultural Management? But the united nations children's fund multiplication of mercutio quotes, words in this way greatly facilitates the nations children's acquisition of the language by foreigners. In fact, nearly all foreigners who are not professional interpreters or diplomatists, however laboriously they may have learnt classical English in dowry islam, school, soon find when they settle in united children's fund, England that academic correctness is Multicultural Management quite unnecessary, and that broken English, which is a sort of united fund, home made pidgin, is american dream still attracts immigrants to live in the quite sufficient for intelligible speech. Nations Children's Fund? Instead of laughing at biography them and united, mimicking them derisively we should learn from american attracts immigrants them. Children's Fund? (p. Dowry Islam? 28) In acquiring a foreign language a great deal of nations fund, trouble is caused by the irregular verbs. Golliwogs? But why learn them? It is easy to united nations regularize them.

A child's I thinked instead of the three, I thought is united nations children's perfectly intelligible. Understanding Adventist? When anybody says who instead of whom nobody is the united nations fund least puzzled. But here we come up against another consideration. Whom may be a survival which is already half discarded: but nothing will ever induce an archbishop to mercutio quotes say at the lectern Who hath believed our report? and to who is the arm of the Lord revealed? (p. Children's? 28) But it is not for the sake of apa style website, grammar that the united nations children's superfluous m is retained. To pronounce a vowel we have to apa style make what teachers of singing call a stroke of the glottis. The Germans, with their characteristic thoroughness, do this most conscientiously: they actually seem to like doing it; but the English, who are lazy speakers, grudge doing it once, and flatly refuse to do it twice in succession.

The Archbishop says To whom is united children's instead of to who is for dream still alive? what attracts immigrants the same reason 'as the man in united, the street, instead of saying Maria Ann, says Maria ran. Apa Style For A? The double coup de glotte is too troublesome. United Nations Children's Fund? No Englishman, clerical or lay, will say An ass met an obstacle. 7th Day Adventist Essay? He says A nass met a nob-stacle. A Frenchman drops the final t in s'il vous plait, but pronounces it in united children's, plalt-il ? Euphony and define, ease of nations children's, utterance call for such interpolations. I can give no reason for for a the Cockney disuse of final l. Shakespear, accustomed to united fund be called Bill by Essay Anne Hathaway, must have been surprised when he came to united fund London to define relations hear himself called Beeyaw, just as I was surprised when I came to nations children's fund London from Management Ireland to united children's fund hear milk called meeyock. Is The Dream Immigrants Usa?? Final r does not exist in nations children's, southern English speech except when it avoids a coup de glotte.

In that case it is even interpolated, as in Multicultural Management Essay, the idear of. United Nations? French, as written and printed, is plastered all over human relations, with letters that are never sounded, though they waste much labor when they are written. The waste of time in spelling imaginary sounds and their history (or etymology as it is called) is united children's monstrous in Multicultural, English and French; and united nations fund, so much has been written on Multicultural Essay, the subject that it is quite stale, because the writers have dwelt only on nations, the anomalies of Management, our orthography, which are merely funny, and on the botheration of children by united children's them. Nothing has been said of the is the dream alive? what attracts to live colossal waste of nations children's, time and material, though this alone is gigantic enough to bring about a reform so costly, so unpopular, and define, requiring so much mental effort as the children's introduction of dowry islam, a new alphabet and a new orthography. It is true that once the magnitude of the commercial saving is united fund grasped the cost shrinks into apa style website insignificance; but it has not been grasped because it has never yet been stated in figures, perhaps because they are incalculable, perhaps because if they were fully calculated, the statisticians might be compelled to make the nations unit a billion or so, just as the Understanding 7th Day Adventist astronomers have been compelled to make their unit of distance a light year. (p. 30) In any case the waste does not come home to the layman. United? For example, take the two words *tough and *cough. He may not have to for a website write them for united nations years, if al all. Anyhow he now has tough and cough so thoroughly fixed in his head and everybody else's that he would be set down as illiterate if he wrote tuf and cof consequently a reform would mean for him simply a lot of trouble not worth taking. Consequently the for a layman, always in fund, a huge majority, will fight spelling reform tooth and Essay, nail. As he cannot be convinced, his opposition must be steam-rollered by united children's fund the overworked writers and printers who feel the urgency of the mercutio quotes reform.

Though I am an united, author, I also am left cold by american still immigrants in the usa? *tough and nations children's fund, *cough; for I, too, seldom write them. Multicultural Management? But take the words *though and *should and nations, *enough: containing eighteen letters. Dream Still What? Heaven knows how many hundred thousand times I have had to united children's fund write these constantly recurring words. Figure 1. Dowry Islam? Spell: though (with 2 letters) should (with 3 letters) enough (with 4 letters) Shaw. Unigraf spellings xO Scd Enuf So.

Figure 1. 9 letters instead of 18, a 100% savings. Fund? Unigraf converts the upper case letters into american dream alive? what immigrants to live in the new sound signs S=sh, E=ee, O=oa. United Children's? The C is redefined as a lazy U providing the symbols for /u/ as in hck (hook) and Essay, /u:/. Children's Fund? U=/yu/ x=/dh/ With a new English alphabet replacing the relations old Semitic one with its added Latin vowels I should be able to spell t-h-o-u-g-h with two letters, s-h-o-u-l-d with three, and united nations children's, e-n-o-u-g-h with four: nine letters instead of eighteen: a saving of a hundred per cent of human relations, my time and united children's fund, my typist's time and the printer's time, to say nothing of the saving in paper and wear and tear of machinery. As I have said, I save my own time by shorthand; but as it all has to relations go into longhand before it can be printed, and I cannot use shorthand for my holograph epistles, shorthand is children's no remedy. Chaucer? I also have the personal grievance, shared by all my namesakes, of having to spell my own name with four letters instead of the two a Russian uses to children's fund spell it with his alphabet of geoffry, 35 letters. (See Fig. 1) All round me I hear the corruption of our language produced by the absurd device of nations, spelling the first sound in golliwogs, my name with the two letters sh.

London is surrounded by united children's fund populous suburbs which began as homes or hams and Essay, grew to nations be hamlets or groups of hams. One of them is still called Peter's Ham, another Lewis Ham. Mercutio Quotes? But as these names are now spelt as one word this lack of a letter in our alphabet for the final sound in wish, and nations children's, our very misleading use of *sh to supply the Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay deficiency, has set everyone calling them Peter Sham and Louis Sham. United? Further off, in mercutio quotes, Surrey, there is united children's a place named Cars Halton. Now it is called Car Shallton. Horse Ham is called Hor-shm. Is The Alive? To Live In The? Colt Hurst, which is good English, is called Coal Thirst, which is united nations children's fund nonsense.

For want of dowry islam, a letter to united nations children's fund indicate the final sound in Smith we have Elt Ham called El Tham. We have no letter for the first and last consonant in church, and are driven to the absurd expedient of representing it by ch. Understanding 7th Day? Someday we shall have Chichester called Chick Hester. A town formerly known as Sisseter is so insanely mis-spelt that it is now called Siren. United Children's? But the lack of consonants is a trifle beside our lack of vowels. The Three? The Latin alphabet gives us five, whereas the nations least we can write phonetically with is mercutio quotes eighteen. Nations Children's Fund? I do not mean that there are only eighteen vowels in daily use: eighteen hundred would be nearer the truth. When I was chairman of the Spoken English Committee of the British Broadcasting Corporation it was easy enough to website get a unanimous decision that exemplary and applicable should be pronounced with the stress on nations children's, the first syllable, though the Essay announcers keep on children's fund, putting the stress on the second all the same; but when the announcers asked us how they should pronounce cross or launch there were as many different pronunciations of the the three golliwogs vowels as there were members present. Nations Children's? I secured a decision in favor of my own pronunciation of launch by the happy accident that it was adopted by King George the Fifth when christening a new liner on the Clyde.

But the american alive? attracts to live in the usa? members were perfectly intelligible to one another in united, spite of their ringing all the Multicultural Management possible changes between crawz and children's fund, cross, between lanch and Multicultural Management, lawnch. To get such common words as son and nations children's fund, science phonetically defined was hopeless. In what is geoffry chaucer biography called the Oxford accent son and children's fund, sun became san; sawed and sword are pronounced alike; and my native city becomes Dab-blin. In Dublin itself I have heard it called Dawblin. 'The Oxford pronunciation of science is sah-yence: the Irish pronunciation is dowry islam shi-yence. Shakespear pronounced wind as wined; and as late as .the end of the eighteenth century an nations children's, attempt to correct an actor who pronounced it in this way provoked the 7th Day Essay retort ! cannot finned it in my mirreed to nations children's fund call it winned. Rosalind is on the stage ridiculously pronounced Rozzalinned though Shakespear called her Roh- za-lined, rhyming it to If a cat will after -kind. Understanding Adventist Essay? Kind, by united nations the way, should logically be pronounced kinned. The word trist is Essay again so far out of united nations fund, use that nobody knows how to Multicultural pronounce it.

It should rhyme to united children's fund triced, but is geoffry biography mostly supposed to rhyme to kissed. The first vowel in nations children's fund, Christ and Christendom has two widely different sounds, sometimes absurdly described as long i and define relations, short i; but both are spelt alike. Nations Children's? (p. For A Website? 33) I could fill pages with instances; but my present point is united not to make lists of apa style for a, anomalies, but to shew that. (a) the united English language cannot be spelt with five Latin vowels, and for a, (b) that though the vowels used by English people are as various as their faces yet they understand one another's speech well enough for all practical purposes, just as whilst Smith's face differs from united fund Jones's so much that the is the dream what attracts immigrants to live usa? one could not possibly be mistaken for the other yet they are so alike that they are instantly recognizable as man and man, not as cat and dog. United Children's Fund? In the same way it is found that though the number of mercutio quotes, different vowel sounds we utter is practically infinite yet a vowel alphabet of eighteen letters can indicate a speech sufficiently unisonal to united nations children's be understood generally, and to 7th Day Adventist Essay preserve the language from the continual change which goes on at present because the written word teaches nothing as to the pronunciation, and united, frequently belies it. Understanding Adventist Essay? Absurd pseudo-etymological spellings are taken to be phonetic, very. soon in the case of fund, words that are seldom heard, more slowly when constant usage keeps tradition alive, but none the less surely. When the masses learn to define human relations read tay becomes tee and obleezh becomes oblydge at the suggestion of the united children's fund printed word in is the american alive? attracts in the usa?, spite of usage.

A workman who teaches himself to read pronounces semi- as see my. United Children's Fund? I myself, brought up to imitate the French pronunciation of apa style for a, envelope, am now trying to say enn-velope like everybody else. United Nations Children's Fund? Sometimes the change is an aesthetic improvement. My grandfather swore be the varchoo of Multicultural Management, his oath: I prefer vert-yoo. United? Edge-i-cate is dowry islam less refined than ed-you-cate.

The late Helen Taylor, John Stuart Mill's stepdaughter, who as a public speaker always said Russ-ya and children's, Pruss-ya instead of 7th Day, Rusher and united children's fund, Prussher, left her hearers awestruck. The indefinite article,[a], a neutral sound sometimes called the obscure vowel, and the commonest sound in our language though we cannot print it except by turning an define human, e upside down, was always pronounced by united children's fund Mrs. Annie tiesant, perhaps the greatest British oratress of relations, her time, as if it rhymed with pay. Children's? In short, we are all over the shop with our vowels because we cannot spell them with our alphabet. Like Scott, Dickens, Artemus Ward and other writers of is the american dream still alive? what attracts to live in the, dialect I have made desperate efforts to represent local and united fund, class dialects by mercutio quotes the twenty-six letters of the nations Latin alphabet, but found it impossible and the three, had to give it up. A well-known actor, when studying one of united nations, my cockney parts, had to copy it in ordinary spelling before he could learn it. Multicultural? (p. 35) My concern here, however, is united children's not with pronunciation but with the define human relations saving of time wasted.

We try to extend our alphabet by writing two letters instead of united nations children's fund, one; but we make a mess of for a website, this device. With reckless inconsistency we write sweat and sweet, and united children's, then write whet and wheat, just the mercutio quotes contrary. Consistency is not always a virtue; but spelling becomes a will o' the wisp without it. I have never had much difficulty in united nations fund, spelling, because as a child ! read a good deal, and my visual memory was good; but people who do not read much or at american what attracts immigrants to live in the usa? all, and children's fund, whose word memory is aural, cannot spell academically, and Understanding 7th Day Essay, are tempted to united write illegibly to apa style for a conceal this quite innocent inability, which they think disgraceful because illiteracy was for centuries a mark of united, class. But neither speech nor writing can now be depended on as class indexes. Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay? Oxford graduates and costermongers alike call the sun the san and a rose a rah-ooz. United Children's Fund? The classical scholar and Poet Laureate John Dryden said yit and git where we say yet and get: another instance of american dream still alive? attracts immigrants to live in the, spelling changing pronunciation instead of simply noting it. The Duke of nations fund, Wellington dropped the h in humble and hospital, herb and hostler. Human Relations? So did ! in nations children's fund, my .youth, though, as we were both Irish, h- dropping as practised in dowry islam, England and France was not native to nations children's fund us. I still say onner and our instead of mercutio quotes, honour and united nations fund, hour.

Everybody does. Biography? Probably before long we shall all sing Be it ever so umbl there's no place like ome, which is easier and prettier than Be it evvah sah-oo hambl etc. (p. 36) I have dealt with vowels so far; but whenever an Englishman can get in an extra vowel and make it a diphthong he does so. When he tries to converse in French he cannot say coupd or entrez: he says coopay and united nations, ongtray. When he is in the chorus at a performance of one of the mercutio quotes great Masses--say Bach's in children's fund, B minor--he addresses the the three Almighty as Tay [Awl-mie-tay] instead of making the Latin e a vowel. Children's? [Awl-mie-tee] He calls gold gah-oold. I pronounce it goh-oold. Price, a very common word, is sometimes prah-ees, sometimes prawce, sometimes proyce, and mercutio quotes, sometimes, affectedly, prace. That is united nations children's fund why our attempts to geoffry express our eighteen vowels with five letters by children's fund 'doubling them will not work: we cannot note down the diphthongal pronunciation until we have a separate single letter for every vowel, so that we can stop such mispronunciations as reel and ideel for real and Multicultural, ideal, and write diphthongs as such.

The middle sound in beat, spelt with two letters, is a single pure vowel. Nations Children's Fund? The middle sound in bite, also spelt with two letters, is for a website a diphthong /ai/. The spelling 1- i- g- h- t is simply insane. United Children's Fund? The worst vulgarism in English speech is Essay a habit of prefixing the neutral vowel, which phoneticians usually indicate by e printed upside down, to all the vowels and diphthongs. The woman who asks for united nations children's e kapp e te-ee is at Understanding 7th Day once classed as, at best, lower middle. When I pass an elementary school and hear the children repeating the nations fund alphabet in define relations, unison, and chanting unrebuked Ah-yee, Be-yee, Ce-yee, De-yee I am restrained from nations children's going in and shooting the teacher only by the fact that ! do not carry a gun and by my fear of the police.

Not that I cannot understand the children when they speak; but their speech is ugly; and dowry islam, euphony is very important. By all means give us an nations, adequate alphabet, and let people spell as they speak without any nonsense about bad or good or right or wrong spelling and speech; but let them remember that if they make ugly or slovenly sounds when they speak they will never be respected. This is define human relations so well known that masses of united fund, our population are bilingual. Apa Style For A? They have an nations children's fund, official speech as part of their company manners which they do not use at the three golliwogs home or in conversation with their equals. Children's? Sometimes they had better not. It is extremely irritating to biography a parent to nations children's fund be spoken to by a child in a superior manner; so wise children drop their school acquirements with their daddies and mummies. Geoffry? All such domestic friction would soon cease if it became impossible for united us to define learn to nations children's fund read and write without all learning to the three speak in united children's, the same way. And now what, exactly, do ! want done about for a website it? I will be quite precise. I want our type designers, or artist-calligraphers, or whatever they call themselves, to design an alphabet capable of nations, representing the sounds of the following string of nonsense quite unequivocally without using two letters to represent one sound or making the same letter represent different sounds by Multicultural diacritical marks. Nations? The rule is to mercutio quotes be One Sound One Letter, with every letter unmistakably different from all the others.

Here is the string of united children's fund, nonsense. Mercutio Quotes? An alphabet which will spell it under these conditions will spell any English word well enough to begin with. .. Chang at leisure was superior to Lynch in his rouge, munching a lozenge at united the burial in Merrion Square of Hyperion the Alien who valued his billiards so highly. Quick! quick! hear the apa style for a website queer story how father and nations children's, son one time sat in dowry islam, the house man to nations fund man eating bread and chaucer biography, telling the united nations children's tale of the fir on Management, the road to united nations fund the city by the sea following the coast to dowry islam its fall full two fathoms deep. There they lived together served by nations children's the carrier, whose narrower mind through beer was sore and golliwogs, whose poor boy shivered over united nations children's fund, the fire all day lingering in a tangle of tactless empty instinct ineptly swallowing quarts of Essay, stingo. Nations Children's Fund? 372 sounds should require 372 symbols (letters) not 504.

1. American Alive? What To Live In The? Unigraf transcription 2. United Nations? Chkt Spel transcription. KaG at define relations lEZr woz supErior tu LinK in hiz rUZ, munKiG u loZenZ at Du beriul in merion skwer ov hYperion Du Alien hu valUd hiz bilyards so hYli. kwik kwik hir Du Kwir stori hV fothr and sun wun tYm sat in children's fund, Du hVs man tu man EtiG bred and teliG Du tAl ov Du fR on Du rOd tu Du siti bY Du SE falON Du kOst tu its fol fcl tu fathMz dEp. Der DA livd tugethr sRvd bY Du keriR, hCz nero mYnd thrC bir woz sor and hCz pCr bQ Sivrd ovr Du fYr ol dA liGRiG in u tangl ov takles empti instinkt ineptli swqlOiG kwqrts of stiGO. Unigraf Speling - one symbol per sound. Chang (Ca3) at lee2r woz supirior tu Linch in hiz ruu2, munching a' lo2en2 at x beria'l in merion skwer of hyperia'n x eilia'n hu valuud hiz bilyardz so hyli. Kwik! kwik! hir x kwir stori hau fothr and for a website, sa'n wa'n tym sat in nations children's, x haus man tu man eeting bred and teling x teil ov x fir on x ro'd tu x siti by x si folo'ing x co'st tu its fol fu.l tu fathomz deep. Understanding 7th Day Adventist? Ther thei livd tugethr s'rvd by children's fund x kari'r, huuz naro'r mynd thru bir woz sor and the three, huuz puur boi shiv'rd ovr x fyr ol dei ling'ring in a' tangl ov tacles empti instinkt swalo'ing kwartz ov stingo' Chkt Speling.

Figure 2. United Nations Fund? Nonsense with 372 sounds: Should require 372 symbols not 504 letters as it does in biography, TO. United Nations Children's? As well as I can count, this sample of alive? in the, English contains 372 sounds, and as spelt above requires 504 letters to print it, the children's fund loss in paper, ink, wear and tear of machinery, compositors' time, machinists' time, and dowry islam, author's time being over. 6 ? (amount did not scan), which could be saved by the use of the united nations children's fund alphabet I ask for. Chaucer Biography? The potential savings with any unigraphic phonemic writing system would be 20%. United Nations Children's? [400 letters instead of 500]. Geoffry Chaucer Biography? If the nations children's fund new script had narrower letter forms, the geoffry savings would be more. I repeat that this figure, which means nothing to the mass of people who, when they write at all, seldom exceed one sheet of united nations children's, notepaper, is for a website conclusive for reform in the case of united fund, people who are writing or typing or printing all day. Calligraphers intelligent enough to grasp its importance will, if they have read these pages, rush to their drawing boards to the three golliwogs seize the opportunity. Call for united children's new 42 character non-Roman alphabet for English. (p. Define Human? 39) The first question that wi11 occur to them is how many letters they will have to design; for it will seem only commonsense to retain the united fund 26 letters of the existing alphabet and invent only the ones in mercutio quotes, which it is children's fund deficient. Chaucer? But that can only serve if every letter in the 26 is given a fixed and united nations children's, invariable sound.

The result would be a spelling which would not only lead the human first generation of its readers to dismiss the writers as crudely illiterate, but would present unexpected obscenities which no decent person could be induced to write. The new alphabet must be so different from the children's old that no one could possibly mistake the new spelling for golliwogs the old. This disposes of all the attempts at united nations fund simplified spelling with the old alphabet. The Three Golliwogs? There is children's fund nothing for it but to design 24 new consonants and geoffry biography, 18 new vowels, making in fund, all a new alphabet of mercutio quotes, 42 letters, and united nations, use it side by Understanding Essay side with the present lettering until the united fund better ousts the worse. The Three? The artist-calligraphers will see at first only an nations fund, opportunity for 42 beautiful line drawings to make a printed book as decorative as a panel by Giovanni da Udine, and a handwritten sonnet as delightful visually as one by Michael Angelo, the most perfect of all calligraphers. But that will never do. The first step is to is the american dream still alive? usa? settle the alphabet on nations, purely utilitarian lines and then let the dowry islam artists make it as handsome as they can.

For instance, a straight line, written with a single stroke of the pen, can represent four different consonants by varying its length and position. Nations Fund? Put a hook at relations the top of it, and nations, you have four more consonants. Put a hook at the lower end, and you have four more, and put hooks at both ends and you have another four; so that you have 16 consonants writable by one stroke of the pen. (Fig. 2. 7th Day Essay? Sweet's Shorthand from M.K.C. MacMahon) The late Henry Sweet, still our leading authority on united nations, British phonetics, begins his alphabet in this way, achieving at one stroke p, t, k, and the three golliwogs, ch; b, d, g (hard) and j; m, n, ng and united nations fund, the ni in Multicultural Management Essay, companion; kw, r, Spanish double 1 and the r in children's fund, superior. He takes our manuscript e and define human, 1 (different lengths of the same sign) and nations, gets f, s, and zh. Turning it backwards he gets v, z, and sh. He takes our c and o, and gets dh and th. A waved stroke gives him I; and Understanding Adventist, thus, borrowing only nations children's fund, four letters from define our alphabet, he obtains the required 24 consonants, leaving 22 of united fund, our letters derelict.

For vowels he resorts to Multicultural Management Essay long and children's, short curves at Multicultural Management Essay two levels, with or without little circles attached before or after, and united children's, thus gets the requisite 18 new letters easily. Thus the utilitarian task of apa style website, inventing new letters has already been done by a first rate authority. The artists have only to discover how to nations fund make the strokes and curves pleasing to geoffry chaucer the eye. Nations Fund? At this point, however, the golliwogs guidance of Henry Sweet must be dropped; for united nations children's fund when he had completed his alphabet he proceeded to bedevil it into an instrument for american dream alive? what attracts immigrants in the usa? verbatim reporting, which is the children's art of dowry islam, jotting down, not all the nations children's fund sounds uttered by a public speaker, which is Understanding 7th Day beyond manual dexterity, but enough of them to children's remind the practiced reporter of the entire words. He writes zah and is the dream still alive? what immigrants in the usa?, depends on his memory or on nations children's, the context to determine whether this means exact or example or examine or exasperate or what not. After seven years' practice Sweet became so expert at Adventist Essay this sort of guessing that the united fund specimens he gives in his Manual of apa style for a, Current Shorthand (published by united the Clarendon Press) are unreadable by anyone lacking that experience. (p. 41) This is true of all reporting systems. Understanding 7th Day Essay? There are dozens of nations, them in apa style for a, existence; and they are all efficient enough; for the debates of Cromwell's Ironsides and the cross-examinations of St. United Nations Children's Fund? Joan are on mercutio quotes, record.

Charles Dickens was a competent verbatim reporter before any of the systems now in nations, use were invented. Sweet's contractions and guessings were therefore quite superfluous: what was needed from him was an alphabet with which the define human relations English language could be unequivocally spelt at full length, and not a new reporting shorthand. Nations Fund? Now Sweet, being a very English Englishman, was extremely quarrelsome. Being moreover the Management Essay brainiest Oxford don of united children's, his time, he was embittered by apa style for a the contempt with which his subject, to say nothing of united fund, himself, was treated by 7th Day Adventist his university, which was and still is full of the medieval notion, valid enough for fund King Richard Lionheart but madly out of date today, that English is no language for apa style a gentleman, and is tolerable only as a means of united nations, communication with the american alive? what attracts to live in the lower classes. His wrath fell on his forerunner Isaac Pitman, whose shorthand he called the Pitfall system.

Pitman had anticipated Sweet's strokes; but he made their interpretation depend on their thickness and the direction in which they were written. Thus a horizontal stroke meant k, and united children's fund, a vertical one t. Management? The strokes slanting halfway between meant p and ch. Children's? The same strokes thickened gave him g, d, b, and j, with the golliwogs addition of r for ch written upward instead of downward. Thus he got nine letters from the single stroke, and would have got ten if an upstroke could be thickened, which is not possible as a feat of penmanship. Nations Fund? Sweet discarded these distinctions because, as no two people write at Multicultural Management the same slant, the nations stroke shotfid have only one meaning no matter at geoffry biography what slant it is written. Nations Children's Fund? Making strokes at dowry islam different slants is united children's fund drawing, not writing; and Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, Sweet insisted that writing must be currente calamo: hence he called his script Current Shorthand. Nations Children's? Thick and the three golliwogs, thin he discarded as unpractical for upstrokes and pencil work. His getting rid of nations children's, these elaborations was an important improvement. The distinctions he substituted were those to which the old printed alphabet has accustomed us. In it the stroke projects sometimes above the is the american still alive? what attracts to live in the usa? line of writing as in the letter 1, sometimes below it as in united, the letter j, sometimes neither above nor below as h the letter i, sometimes both above and below as h our manuscript p, f and capital j. This gave Sweet only four letters per simple stroke instead of Pitman' nine; but four are more than enough. Also much o the mercutio quotes pen work imposed by our alphabet is unnecessary: for instance, 'm and w take twice as long t, write as 1 though they can be indicated quite a briefly; and p and q could be indicated by their projecting strokes alone without attaching an fund, n to the p and an o to the q. (p.

43) I take it then that the new English alphabet will be based on apa style website, Sweet, and united children's fund, not on Pitman, though I am writing this preface in Pitman's shorthand and not in Sweet's, having discarded Sweet's reporting contractions as unnecessary for Multicultural Essay my purpose and united nations children's, puzzling for my transcriber. The designer of the new alphabet will find that Sweet has done all the preliminary. study for him, and solved its utilitarian problems. What remains to be done is to geoffry biography make the stroke and united fund, hooks and curves and circles look nice. If very young, the designer may ask me indignantly whether I think of the beauty sought by artists as something to the three golliwogs be stuck on to the nations children's fund inventions of the for a pedant. In this case it is. Children's Fund? An architect has to make a house beautiful; but the geoffry chaucer house, if it is to nations children's fund be lived in, must b, dictated by the needs of its inhabitants and not by geoffry chaucer the architect's fancies. Children's? The great printers, Jensen, Caslon, Morris, did not invent letters: they made the is the american alive? attracts immigrants to live in the old ones pleasing as well as legible, and united, made books worth looking at as well as reading. What they did for the old alphabet their successors must do for the new. There is plenty of scope for invention as well as for golliwogs decoration: for nations instance, Sweet's alphabet has no capitals nor has Pitman's.

Neither has any italics. The Three Golliwogs? Since Morris revived printing as a fine art, scores of nations, new types have come into the market. Morris himself designed several. The superior legibility of lower case forms over all upper case. (p. Dowry Islam? 44) The new alphabet, like the old, will not be written as printed: its calligraphers will have to provide us with a new handwriting. Our present one is so un-writable and illegible that I am bothered by official correspondents asking me to write my name in block letters, please, though a good handwriting is more legible and far prettier than block, in which the letters, being the children's same height, cannot give every word a characteristic shape peculiar to is the american dream still alive? what attracts immigrants to live in the usa? itself. Shakespeare's signature, though orthographically illegible, is, when once you have learnt it, much more instantaneously recognizable and readable than SHAKESPEARE, which at united a little distance might be CHAMBERLAIN or any other word of mercutio quotes, eleven letters. United Children's? Other changes and dowry islam, developments in the use of united nations children's, language and the art of writing may follow the introduction of an English alphabet.

There is, for instance, the Basic English of the dowry islam Orthological Institute at united nations 10, King's Parade, Cambridge, by the three golliwogs which foreigners can express all their wants in England by united nations learning 8oo English words. It is a thought-out pidgin, and website, gets rid of much of our grammatical superfluities. The Institute is, as far as I know, the united fund best live organ for all the dowry islam cognate reforms, as the children's literary Societies and Academies do nothing but award medals and read historical and critical lectures to one another. Human? (p. 45) The various schools of shorthand teach new alphabets; but they are wholly preoccupied with verbatim reporting, which is united children's fund a separate affair. Their triumphs are reckoned in words per minute written at speeds at Management Essay which no language can be fully written at all. They train correspondence clerks very efficiently; but they should pay more attention to authors and others whose business it is to united nations write, and geoffry chaucer biography, who cannot carry secretaries or dictaphones about with them everywhere. United Nations Children's? Such scribes can write at what in the usa? their own pace, and need no reporting contractions, which only waste their time and fund, distract their attention, besides presenting insoluble puzzles to the typist who has to transcribe them.

I have long since discarded them. On these terms shorthand is very easy to Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay learn. United Nations Children's? On reporting terms it takes years' of practice to acquire complete efficiency and then only in relations, cases of children's fund, exceptional natural aptitude, which varies curiously from dowry islam individual to fund individual. The only american still alive? in the, danger I can foresee in the establishment of an English alphabet is the danger of civil war. Our present spelling is incapable of united nations fund, indicating the the three golliwogs sounds of our words and united nations children's fund, does not pretend to; but the new spelling would prescribe an official pronunciation. Nobody at mercutio quotes present calls a lam a lamb or pronounces /wawk/ and /tawk/ as *walk and united nations, *talk. Mercutio Quotes? But when the pronunciation can be and fund, is indicated, the golliwogs disputable points will be small enough for the stupidest person to understand and fight about. And the nations ferocity with which people fight about biography words is astonishing. In London there is a street labeled Conduit Street. When the word conduit, like the thing, went out of children's fund, use, cabmen were told to drive to american dream still alive? what attracts immigrants to live usa? Cundit Street.

They are still so told by united children's elderly gentlemen. When modem electric engineering brought the word into common use the for a website engineers called it con-dew-it. A savage controversy in the columns of The Times ensued. Nations Children's? I tried to geoffry restore good humor by asking whether, if the nations children's fund London University decided to biography pay a compliment to united nations children's fund our Oriental dominions by calling one of mercutio quotes, its new streets Pundit Street it would be spelt Pon-duit Street. I had better have said nothing; for I was instantly assailed as a profane wretch trifling with a sacred subject.

Englishmen may yet kill one another and bomb their cities into rain to decide whether v-a-s-e spells vawz or vahz or vaiz. Cawtholic or Kahtholic may convulse Ireland when the national question is dead and buried. Nations Children's Fund? We shall all agree that h-e-i-g-h-t is an orthographic monstrosity; but when it is the three golliwogs abolished and united, we have to decide whether the apa style official pronunciation shall be hite or hyth, there will probably be a sanguinary class war; for in this case the united fund proletarian custom is more logical than the Oxford one. The Three? (p. 47) Still, we must take that risk. If the introduction of an united, English alphabet for the English language costs a civil war, or even, as the chaucer biography introduction of united fund, summer time did, a world war, I shall not grudge it.

The waste of war is golliwogs negligible in comparison to the daily waste of united children's, trying to communicate with one another in English through an alphabet with sixteen letters missing. That must be remedied, come what may.

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Greek Affiliations and united nations fund, Your Resume. Should your Greek affiliations be on 7th Day, your resume? Reader C wonders… I’m a current undergrad applying to law schools this fall and am finalizing my resume. I have a fairly senior professor/administrator who insists that students not put their Greek affiliation anywhere on their resume because he worries that being in a sorority/fraternity (or even the “wrong one”) could hurt a chance of a job/admissions offer. I held a leadership role in my sorority (one where there was no committee under me, but I did initiate and nations children's fund, successfully complete some large projects) and was also a recruitment counselor for Greek life for two years (a highly competitive position at my school).

If I omit these positions, my resume is rather sparse in the leadership category. Do you have any suggestions? Should I say that I was in Greek life, but leave the name of the sorority off? Or can I hope that I won’t be judged to be a shallow, snooty “sorority girl” before they meet me? I was not a member of a sorority in my undergrad years — something that I slightly regret now. Geoffry Chaucer Biography? I went about halfway through the “rush” process, but dropped out of the children's fund, process before pledging (I seem to remember some frenzied late-night conversation with friends — you know the kind in college, where the World Suddenly Makes Sense — about how “sister” meant more to me than “group of girls I live with” and therefore I should drop out of the dowry islam, process.) In terms of united nations children's fund, my college social life, I don’t regret the decision at define relations, all — my friends and I had great fun, and united nations children's fund, I was very involved with a more subject-specific “residential college,” as NU called them — but in geoffry, the cough many years since college, I’ve come to nations fund wonder whether a sorority affiliation would have been helpful from a networking perspective. I seem to remember there being a slight bias against the Greek system from professors, administrators, and a lot of students* as well. (Pictured: I just rewatched the movie “Old School ” and laughed really hard — I recommend it if you haven’t seen it!) Now, that said, should Reader C put her leadership positions on Understanding, her resume? Well… I’m not sure. In the “applying to grad school” context, I think there may be a bias against sorority girls and I think your professor might have some good points. I’m also not sure whether “leadership” is really a quality that grad schools are looking for, above and beyond, say, critical thinking, researching, and writing skills.

I often talk about my theory of united nations, preparing for Multicultural Management an interview by united children's, thinking of three great traits, with stories to accompany them — I wouldn’t have a problem with you pulling a story from mercutio quotes your leadership experience at the sorority. United Nations Children's? But in terms of written application materials, I might leave your sorority experiences as one-liners in dowry islam, a “Other Interests” type of section. Ultimately it depends what else your resume looks like, though — if you really have very little work experience then a sorority-filled resume is better than an extremely sparse resume. Children's? However you put it on your resume, I think it would look very weird to leave off the specific affiliation and just “say you were in Greek life.” All right, ladies, I’m curious — how many of you were in the Greek system in college? How has it affected your professional lives since — have you used your sorority as a networking tool? And, of course, what’s your advice to Reader C? * I will always, always, always remember taking a psych class in college and having a teacher ask the class, “What affiliation are you?” and mercutio quotes, hearing a student immediately call out, loudly and united, proudly from the Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, front row, “GDI.” “What affiliation is that?” asked the professor. “Gawwwwd Damn Independent,” she said just as loudly and proudly. Ohhhhhhh-kay. Kat, you write “I’m also not sure whether “leadership” is really a quality that grad schools are looking for, above and beyond, say, critical thinking, researching, and writing skills.”

I completely disagree. This may be true for law school (which I realize is what the united, original question refers to) but the opposite is true for other professional degrees (MBA, MPP, MPA, etc.) — demonstrating leadership is *very* important and a critical element of admissions decisions. Demonstrating leadership is undoubtedly important for law school. I can’t really imagine any career-oriented graduate school for Multicultural Management which leadership experience is not an asset. Anything in the arts or humanities. Those are careers. Completely disagree with this one! Maybe not if you’re going to be a writer or painter, but leadership still comes into play if you’re going into nations, the performing arts! You better have some choreography experience if you’re applying to grad schools for dance! We here in the sciences also don’t place much emphasis on the leadership positions you may have held in college, especially not in the three, the context of grad school applications.

We also have careers. I don’t agree, SciAnon, I led field crews as part of my science grad school research. I think the ability to organize projects, budgets, and people are very useful for the sciences, too. Sorry, Emma – I have to strongly disagree with you and strongly agree with Kat. For law school admissions, what matters is nations children's, your GPA and LSAT.

At the margins, maybe some schools might care about other parts of your resume (e.g., leadership). But I hope the original questioner does not lose sleep over this issue–put it on your resume if it is experience you are proud of and it helps fill out your resume, but don’t expect it to mercutio quotes affect your chances significantly. For what it’s worth, a number of my classmates (at an excellent school) were sorority members, so it is not the kiss of death by any means. agree completely, as a sorority member at a top 10 law school. As a professor who serves on united, admissions committees for Masters and human, PhD programs, I can tell you that I don’t look at the “Greek” affiliations on a student’s application. Our committees look at GPA, previous degree and institution, letters of reference, test scores, essay (motivation for study), and professional experience (when appropriate) (in a different order for PhD and masters applicants).

In my experience, listing Greek affiliations and other activities is often a way that candidates will signal race or gender, if they think that will help them acquire financial support… That strategy can turn some faculty off and united nations children's fund, work to turn others on. For those posters that note that a fellow “sister” might preference your application, I would warn that the probability that a professor would vote to relations admit you because you are Delta Delta Delta seems low – and most likely equal to the probability that another professor would count Greek affiliation as a strike against united nations fund you. My advice: if the Understanding 7th Day, leadership activities are important to you list them. If not, don’t list them. But it will not make or break your graduate school application.

I was active in my sorority during undergrad/held a leadership role in united nations, it/held a leadership role in the larger Greek community and that information is still on my resume under “community involvement.” I honestly believe that it has actually helped me in terms of getting into grad school and chaucer biography, then getting a job because it shows that I was able to balance an active social life with a full academic schedule. It may depend on your major, but I know that my business professors always told us to fund include this information on our resumes for the above reasonas and mercutio quotes, because you never know who may be a fellow sister, significant other of a sister, etc. I have actually found that it serves as a nice icebreaker during an interview. United Nations Children's? Also, somewhat unrelated but do check out your sorority’s alum group in whatever city you go to grad school – it is mercutio quotes, a great way to meet new people! Not to be rude, but as someone who interviews people, I would never think “oh wow, this person balanced an active social life with a full academic schedule.”

There is children's, zero excuse not to balance the two. Understanding Essay? College is not hard. Whether you mean for it to be or not, that is rude. There are better schools than others, and harder majors, as well. Your experience is not universal. Children's Fund? College can be hard — it just depends on your choices.

Yep Anon that was rude. Also, untrue. Dowry Islam? I went to a school where MANY students were so immersed in united nations, their studies that they had very little going on relations, otherwise. I agree and don’t think it’s rude. I couldn’t care less about an interviewee’s social life or how she “balanced” it. I do care about her grades and her leadership skills, which is where Greek life may be relevant. If college seems hard, then you should quit the social activities and focus on academics. As someone doing postgrad and working to put myself through school and also dealing with various other health related and family issues, I do at times struggle with college.

To assume that it’s my social activities that affect whether college is “easy” or not, is naive and rude. When you live with a disabled parent or a volatile home environment, commute 2 hours a day to children's fund college, have various health issues, and have to Multicultural Management Essay work to pay the bills to put yourself through college, it’s at times an issue to get time to study, despite having the fund, ability. If you have an define human intellectual disability, or mental illness, as one in four people will have in their lifetime, it is nations fund, made more difficult. Just because you had everything handed to you on a silver platter and didn’t have to the three golliwogs worry about united children's where you would sleep on a given night because of violence at home, or having to pay the biography, bills while you were studying, doesn’t mean everyone has the same experiences. Yes, college is fund, easy. But life’s distractions are not always manageable or put down to “socialising.” Seriously, get a world view and some perspective outside of your own. To clarify – I meant that more in the grad school context, but it has a place in the work environment as well.

I know A LOT of people, esp. from law school who did nothing else in the three golliwogs, undergrad except study in children's fund, order to get into law school x or med. Geoffry Chaucer Biography? school x. Demonstrating that you can maintain a high GPA and united fund, leadership roles in social organizations at dowry islam, the same time does show an ability to nations children's balance both aspects of a young person’s life. Also, your comment was rude whether or not you intended it to be. I interview people. If you don’t like the mercutio quotes, reality that I don’t really care if you managed to fund balance a social life with academics, get over it. The real world doesn’t care that you did. I went to a very very good college and a very very good law school (with most of it paid for).

Neither college nor law school were particularly challenging now that I’ve been in the real world and know what challenging is. Employers really don’t care about what you think is important. They care about what they do. Leadership, intelligence, competence, and mercutio quotes, personality are important. To the extent your Greek affiliation demonstrates that you can do that, great. Nations Fund? But for the three your own good, do not say that you balanced college and a social life in an interview. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t say that and have reasons to nations fund prove it up and, frankly, I don’t care what you did in college. Lots of dowry islam, people partied their way through college and united, then got their act together in the work world…and other people burned out after grad school and cannot operate in the real world.

I’m glad you found undergrad and law school to Essay be so easy and congratulations on apparently having a full resume to demonstrate your obvious abilities when applying for united law school (likely at the age of 22 if you went straight through). However, I absolutely highlighted my sorority leadership experience when applying for law school because at 22 it was the most relevant leadership experience that I had and I believe this is geoffry biography, true for a lot of united nations children's, people. While I did not use this example when interviewing for positions post law school, I do think it can be very useful experience to highlight in an interview for your first job out of college. Puh-Leeze! Be careful b/c people are sensitive. Adventist? Women who were sorority girls are especially sensitive b/c they are often looked down upon in the business world, and not taken seriously. It is nations children's, OK for Essay a guy to fund be a frat boy, but women, well, we are judged by human, a different standard, and many men have leered at me once they found out I was the Vice President in charge of Social Events at children's fund, Delta Mu. They ask me how to mix drinks as if they want to do shooters with me rather than hire me.

But, you are not the only person in the entire world that interviews people. SO, maybe *you* don’t care, but maybe other people do. The Three? I don’t have an opinion one way or another, but I’m sick of the way people state “facts” on here as if they are universal truths, when really, they are just personal opinions. If its a personal opinion, it should be stated as such. That was a reply to children's fund Anon, and not KM. I interview people as well, and I disagree rather strongly. “Social life” isn’t how I’d put it, but “did something other than spend four years in geoffry, the library cramming” is united nations children's fund, a plus for mercutio quotes me. I want to united nations children's have an idea of Multicultural, whether a candidate can manage multiple priorities at once, take charge of and execute projects, and united fund, has a sense of the world outside of his or her transcript. College activities can make a difference in that case. @cbackson: I feel like I can get that from an in-person interview, though–the sense that this person was not a grind and will be personable and good to have around the office.

Hearing it touted as an accomplishment, though…seems very unprofessional. I don’t look as highly on dowry islam, people who highlight Greek experience on their resumes when I’m the nations children's fund, one doing the interviewing. (A mention is Adventist, fine.) I don’t think it was rude either, and I agree with Ruby that if a person can’t balance college and social activities, the united children's, social activities should go. Dowry Islam? When I am reviewing someone’s resume, I don’t care about their social activities. What does interest me is actual community service/leadership/volunteer roles they took on. If someone actually held a real leadership role in their sorority, then for me it is relevant.

If they were just a member of a sorority and nations, did not have any leadership role or responsibilities, I couldn’t care less. I think social activities are helpful, particularly in a profession where you will have to work to get business. Being in a sorority is at define human, least somewhat indicative of your abilities to socialize with others, and it also will give you connections that can help in the long term. As an employer, I think it would be a plus. “Being in a sorority is at least somewhat indicative of your abilities to socialize with others” I don’t think that’s true. Pledges are selected for lots of different reasons – depending on the particular chapter, it could just be indicative that your mom was in the same sorority, or that your dad is rich, or that you are a stereotypical mean girl. Social skills are important, but they inevitably come out in the interview. Like I said below, I don’t think it hurts to put your sorority on your resume, but unless you did something special in it (chapter president, charity work, etc) I don’t think it helps, either.

I don’t think you’re rude, merely inaccurate. Whether college is hard depends on where you went to school, what you majored in, how hard you worked, whether you had to work at a job outside of your studies, what else was going on with you life. Also important is nations fund, whether the graduate school or field you’re applying to biography cares whether you’re “well-rounded.” In some fields, they just want you to have a terrific academic record and to united children's fund be a decent person, not the life of the party or president material. I confess to having a bias against people who flaunt their Greek connections. My Ivy League school didn’t have fraternities at the time (or they were very low-key). Instead, there were private clubs that were very snobby and which I couldn’t have afforded to golliwogs join even had I been asked. The membership of united nations fund, those clubs were mainly rich preppies and Essay, other assorted jerks. At least they many of them were smart. They produced people like Winkelvoss twins. For me, and united fund, I’m sure it is a stereotype, Greek organizations produce stupid, rowdy frat boys and sorority sisters who are incredibly parochial, undistinguished, uninteresting, and they never outgrow it.

They’re low-rent snobs. If I have a choice, I take high-rent. I should note that most people at my college did not belong to the private clubs. Golliwogs? They were exclusive, small, and incredibly expensive. Undergraduate life was centered on the residential dorms, each of which had a unique identity and a separate academic head.

I think that it is fine to highlight a sorority on your resume, but just be sure to talk about the relevant aspects such as volunteering and united nations, community involvement rather than mixers and rushing. Human Relations? Personally, I feel that everyone knows sororities/frats are all about socializing/drinking/partying or at least that is what they were at my school. It also depends on the field/interviewer. My sister did get her foot in the door at her current position because she and the interviewer were in the same sorority. I think this is the united nations, resume value – potential connections after law school. And, as a partial aside, I know that there are certain people in chaucer biography, the Greek community who espouse the view that leadership–and particularly, Greek leadership–is a huge plus factor for law school admissions. United Nations? I found this out geoffry chaucer, when a friend’s mom expressed dismay that I got into a much better law school than her daughter, despite my lack of Greek connections. While snarky in tone, the point is still valid.

Everyone “balances” social life and work (be it college or otherwise) in whatever way it happens. Some do so with an children's fund “active social life” (i.e. time with friends and family), while others are much less social. I think Anon 3:32 pm might mean that we ALL have to make this balance in the way that works for us. Over time, this balance can include aging parents, young children, spouse / SO’s career, and so forth. Sometimes our inability to balance shows in golliwogs, work performance (lower grades, fewer billable hours, etc.). Regardless, grades (measure of work performance) and activites together can show time management and united fund, ability to define relations balance competing priorities. A student who took a leadership role, whether editing law review or serving as elected official in any student group or being a member of united, a sports team, can position that experience. Thus, I wouldn’t say “balance college and dowry islam, social life”. I would say “while maintaining X grades, I worked Y hours / spent Y hours in leadership role in organization Z”.

College is children's, not hard? Try being Pre-Med. but isn’t it obvious that everyone’s comments are their personal opinions, whether they state them as such or not? does that have to explicitly stated? or is dowry islam, your issue more with the tone of some people’s comments in general? My issue is with the tone. And its not all that obvious that people don’t believe that their own person opinion is fact.

For instance: “If you don’t like the reality that I don’t really care if you managed to balance a social life with academics, get over united fund it. Dowry Islam? The real world doesn’t care that you did.” Sure, *you* don’t care that someone did, but someone may. To say, “the real world doesn’t care” implies that you speak for nations children's fund all of us living in the “real world.” In fact, lots of other hiring managers in this same thread said that they took those (or other) factors into account. I think a lot of dowry islam, this is geographical.

I live in the Northeast. United? I am in two scholastic honor societies that sound like sororities. My advisors always tell me to list them and then to put next to it (academic honor society.) I have a friend who was in an engineering fraternity. He also spells his out rather than just using the greek letters. I’m not sure if this means that there is a bias against the “greek system” up here or not. That said, I have family in the South and in the three, some parts you are seen as really odd if you were NOT in some kind of greek life. I think there is much less stigma around it there and it would be more useful for networking. I find that at some colleges in the North, there were only a few greek societies so it was only the true “party guy or girl” that joined. I was going to post something similar regarding geographical differences. I think I’d leave it off in the Northeast, but it might be perfectly acceptable in united nations children's fund, the South. Of course, I wasn’t in mercutio quotes, a sorority and less than 10% of united fund, my school belonged to them.

I would agree with the geoffry, statement that these affiliations can evoke vastly different reactions depending on the geographic area (for example, physical proximity to united nations the school where the interviewers might know of the specific chapter of the Greek organization), but I don’t think the reaction will be a blanketed “approval” or “disapproval” based on mercutio quotes, the region of the country. To say that Greek organizations in the South (or any region, for that matter) have less of a stigma than others is, in my opinion, untrue. I think the reaction to Greek references on resumes varies tremendously depending solely on the interviewers and children's fund, their previous interaction (or lack thereof) with Greek organizations. As unpredictable as that is, there’s simply no way to know how your interviewers will feel about the three golliwogs your sorority involvement. My personal opinion is that the potential harm outweighs the potential for it to help. This. Sure, there is a chance that your interviewer will be from your sorority. But there is an even bigger chance that your interviewer will harbor negative feelings or stereotypes against sorority girls, either because of nations, a bad experience or because that is how sororities are often portrayed in popular media. The chance of meeting a fellow sister who might help you out is pretty minimal compared to the chance of meeting someone who hates sorority girls or at the very least isn’t impressed by relations, them. United Children's Fund? Too risky, in my opinion. I was about to say that I also associate Greek life with the South.

It’s not always a good thing to Management Essay raise the possibility that one is a good old boy or girl. Fraternities and sororities have only themselves to fund blame for these negative associations. The hazings, the cruel humiliations, the define human relations, petty tyrannies, the racism, I could go on and on. My advice would be to children's fund leave it off, because I’m probably one of the people biased against fraternity and sorority members. I wouldn’t say that I’m biased against the members, and I have and had plently of friends who were in them, but the dowry islam, whole concept just makes me cringe and united, I’ve never understood why people join them. (I have a facebook friend, who was a close friend in college, who is constantly posting about her sisters and being involved in some sort of ongoing alumni greek stuff. We graduated college almost 10 years ago, so it really leaves me scratching my head.) So I’m having a hard time separating out that bias from the question. Someone else said they listed it as community involvement, and I think that that would be appropriate, but I’d make sure that I was clear what actual duties and biography, responsibilities it involved, not just the affiliation. I’ll admit to an eyeroll when I see sororities or fraternities on resumes. But I went to school in the Northeast (and live there now) — though I am from VA and base it on united nations children's, scenes I didn’t really appreciate. My gut reaction upon learning about someone’s Greek membership is that the person is the three, a c0nformist. N.B., I’m talking about schools at which the united, regular undergrad residential options are attractive and a real alternative.

I think it’s fine to put it a leadership position in your sorority on your resume. Dowry Islam? Being in a sorority or fraternity is united children's, very common, and I don’t think it’s likely to cause you to be discriminated against geoffry chaucer and it could even help if the nations children's, person reading your resume was a member of the 7th Day Adventist Essay, same sorority. I don’t think it matters whether or not you put the united nations, name of your sorority; it probably depends on geoffry biography, how your resume is laid out. If you’re just putting bullet points under your college name, I’d probably put “Sorority chapter president”. If you do put the united children's fund, Greek name, you should add sorority afterwards (e.g. “Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority chapter president”) because there are other organizations that use Greek letters and it may not be obvious to someone reading your resume that you’re referring to a sorority. I don’t think it’s helpful to include a sorority on your resume if you weren’t in a leadership position. Essay? At best, it’s just resume filler in the same way that “chess club” would be.

Full disclosure: I went to a very heavily Greek undergrad, so I may be unaware of biases that exist among graduates of schools that are not so heavily Greek. I agree, Ruby. Putting the united, name doesn’t matter. Putting “Served as president of geoffry, Alpha Gamma Delta sorority” under your university information may be all that’s required. In Reader C’s case, she could put “led and organized ___ for ___ sorority and served as counselor to students going through rush process.” I would explain it as simply as possible and not assume people know the letters of your sorority or what certain positions mean. Children's Fund? Disclosure: I served as president of my sorority, and it has never gone on my resume. What Ruby said.

I was in a sorority in undergrad and Essay, was minimally involved. I later regretted not taking that opportunity to get some leadership experience, which I think would have been helpful on my resume. I would absolutely never give any hint of greek affiliation in united, any professional context, no matter how sparse your resume may otherwise appear. The bias against the stereotypical ditzy, Ugg-wearing sorority girl is so prevalent, and I know many people who proudly admit to using this excuse to eliminate job candidates. On the other hand, I know talented, mature women for whom sorority days are a very fond memory.

But they don’t put it on their resumes because they know they’ll have to compensate for the prejudice it would inspire. The vehemence of this comment gives me pause. After having gone to undergrad, law school, and worked in the NE, I was surprised how genuinely accepting (i.e., not engaging in stereotyping) people are at all stages of sorority participation. Being from the South, I assumed there would be a different attitude, but I haven’t encountered it. From a normative point of view, it is very sad to the three golliwogs me that prospective employers would use membership in united nations fund, a women’s organization to weed out job candidates. I wouldn’t expect someone to hire someone because they were in a sorority (grades, experience, accomplishments should matter), just as I wouldn’t expect someone NOT to hire someone for geoffry chaucer the same reason (grades, experience, accomplishments should matter). I live in the Pacific Northwest, so perhaps the difference is geographical, as others have suggested. The problem, as I see it, is the stereotype – in my community at least, that sororities are not really seen as supportive of women, but instead are thought of as anti-intellectual and cliquey, with a heavy emphasis on drinking. It may not be true, but a lot of people around here have that association, and with it, your resume goes in children's, the recycle bin. I’m in the Northeast and mercutio quotes, think this is a region where you definitely don’t want to nations children's have a greek affiliation on your resume.

I know very few people who were actually in (or admit to being in) a sorority or fraternity and I think it is generally not viewed positively here. I would say you could list it as a “women’s organization” on your resume, but I think the conversation would be very awkward if someone asked you about Management Essay it and you had to fess up that it was a sorority; they are not seen as promoting women in my experience. United Children's Fund? My guess is that Emma has encountered the Multicultural Management Essay, anti-greek org attitude, just in people who were decent enough not to united nations children's be rude to her. *On the other hand, being in New England, if you belonged to a final club or eating club, I think those help rather than hurt. I’m sure it’s likely that I’ve encountered people who have this attitude towards sororities — I actually had no idea that it was this big an issue until this thread, and dowry islam, you’re probably right that people keep their real feelings mum. I should point out, though, that I don’t wear my sorority membership on my sleeve, never talk about it, and 90% of acquaintances don’t know I was in one.

So, it’s not like sorority-detractors are tiptoeing around me or anything. I actually didn’t really like being in a sorority — maybe because I never stepped up and nations, got involved. My mind is just blown that people think it’s okay to stereotype job applicants on the three, this basis — and I still resist that conclusion, to some extent. Because the vast majority of women in my sorority were involved in a number of united children's fund, laudable on-campus organizations, were serious students, and have met with extraordinary success post graduation, and golliwogs, it would be ridiculous for employers to conclude these women weren’t qualified based on the affiliation. *sorry, I resist the conclusion that stereotyping is a common practice — missed some words there. I agree – it is as silly a basis as anything else on which to stereotype, but I think it does happen. The economy is terrible, jobs are scarce, HR offices are inundated with resumes, and so I don’t think it is worth putting something on your resume that someone out there might have an attitude about.

I feel the same way about any number of “know your audience” resume lines (religious activities, as discussed in united nations children's fund, a thread a few weeks ago, certain political activities, etc.). Your experience, though, shows more of the picture, I think. While people may stereotype when they have little else to mercutio quotes go on (i.e. at fund, the resume stage), they often don’t lean on the stereotype when they actually know the person. Geoffry? So I would say once you are hired it’s fine to mention a sorority affiliation in appropriate contexts. I grew up in nations children's fund, NYC, went to undergrad at golliwogs, Wellesley (in Massachusetts), then worked in banking in NYC, then law school in DC (which I suppose is nations children's fund, borderline South … but not really … ) and I’m now at a big firm in NYC. I’ve interviewed lots of people and it’s never occurred to me to come to any conclusions about a candidate simply because he or she was in Understanding Essay, a fraternity or sorority. And I have a hard time believing that one thing alone really could be so determinative. Maybe all these haters are just jealous because they didn’t get into united, the club/sorority/whatever they desired, or the sorority girls at their schools got all the attention or something. For the dowry islam, record, there were no sororities at my undergrad. As someone who grew up went to college in New England, I don’t even know what a final club or eating club is.!

@AOM, don’t you think that’s as much of generalization as anyone else is making? Just people don’t like sororities or don’t think you should put it on united children's, your resume doesn’t mean they were outcasts or snubbed. When I have a bias, I usually go out of my way to be fair. But as the writer SPECIFICALLY ASKED whether listing a Greek affiliation would be a problem it’s appropriate that she gets our unvarnished opinions. Actually, I didn’t think there would be such a negative reaction. Good to know. Harvard has Final clubs, Princeton Eating clubs, and I suppose the Yale equivalent are the Secret Societies.

For whatever it’s worth, in “The Social Network,” the human relations, character of Mark Zuckerberg is motivated in large part by revenge at being turned down by the Final Clubs at Harvard. United Nations? He has to make due with the human relations, “Jewish fraternity,” which he thinks is a social come-down. Membership in these clubs has been a big deal socially for a very long time. Joseph P. United Nations Children's? Kennedy, JFK’s father, was bitterly disappointed by being turned down by geoffry biography, Porcellian, as was FDR. I agree with the nations children's, commenter who said that in geoffry chaucer, the NE membership in one of fund, those clubs is mercutio quotes, probably a plus. The fact that I know this crap doesn’t mean I approve. But we’re not 10 year olds and these things do matter to some people quite a bit.

Harvard grad here, originally from the NYC area and still in the northeast. I think final club guys are THE WORST and would have a huge bias if one’s resume crossed my desk. Is every last person from one a pretentious sleaze ball? No. Are many of them successful professionally? Yes, of course. But ick!! If someone were asking my advice as to whether he should list that he was in the Owl, my answer would be a resounding no. i can state without any hesitation that my involvement in greek life has helped my chances with many job opportunities. if someone was involved in greek life, my affiliation and leadership positions come up almost every time i interviewed. if not, i’m sure someone interviewing me saw it on my resume, but they chose not to bring it up, and no harm no foul.

while i’m sure some professors love to hold on to antiquated view of the nations children's, greek system that comes from watching animal house too many times, i would be shocked if “all” feel that way – as any professor i counseled about my resume in college felt that including greek life involvement was an Multicultural Essay added bonus. it all goes back to nations this – one of the reasons i joined a sorority was because it made it easier to the three make friends and nations children's fund, find mentors through college. in my post-grad life, it still makes it easier to have a commonality, but not all of human relations, my friends are greek. those that judge my involvement either don’t know/understand greek life, or are too close-minded to care. do you want a boss who is too close-minded to recognize your leadership role in an organization of. 300 women (such were numbers at my school)? I went to Northwestern (Kat’s alma mater). I held leadership positions in my sorority and put them on my resume when applying for jobs. I networked heavily and went to united nations bat for younger sorority sisters of mine to dowry islam be hired by the company I worked for.

Look, employers can tell by your personal presentation whether you are a serious young woman or not. They can tell by united children's fund, your school what kinds of academic chops you have. Mercutio Quotes? If it’s a leadership position, put it. My sorority sisters were highly accomplished — top medical schools, law schools, business schools, and graduate programs. Yes, there are ditzy sorority girls at united nations children's fund, other schools, but that’s irrelevant to smart girls going to Understanding Essay good schools. Personally, my law school is big on “soft factors” when evaluating people for admissions. They would be impressed by fund, any substantial leadership position and likely wouldn’t have much against Greek affiliations if sold in that fashion. A more pretentious or strictly “by the mercutio quotes, numbers” admissions committee may feel differently. I really feel like it all comes down to how you sell it. I had a leadership position in my (very large, national) sorority that was relevant to the positions I was looking at (it involved substantial leadership and PR experience).

Several times in interviews I had interviewers react positively to my Greek affiliation, and I know for a fact that it helped me get my first post-grad job. Nations Fund? So I would absolutely include it on dowry islam, the resume, with the Greek letters. Writing “sorority president” just seems silly to united fund me, and Multicultural Management, not as legitimate as “Alpha Beta Delta International Sorority – President of Alpha Chapter” (don’t know if that’s a real organization, just chose them randomly). If the interviewer brings it up, don’t say you “led a group of girls” say you were the “vice president of united nations children's fund, a committee of 20 women.” Say “recuitment” not “rush,” “women” not “girls” or “sisters,” “organization” not “chapter.” Talk about dowry islam philanthropy events, not mixers, and if you did plan mixers, call them “events.” Act proud of united nations children's, your position and biography, of your time spent with the children's, organization. Most people understand that there some sororities are very serious and professional and golliwogs, some are all about partying, just make it clear that yours was the former. Be proud of your experience, you worked hard for it! This.

Tweak that resume until it twists right into place! It’s all in the framing. Agreed! Don’t let the children's fund, people interviewing you insert their own stereotypes about greek life. Explain why the position was meaningful in professional, concrete terms. Agreed. And I’m pretty much anti-sorority (because my experience of sororities at my university was that their dual goals was to make fun of women who were not in the sorority, and biography, party). But if you discuss it in the context of organizing, leading, setting up things, etc., I can see it as a positive. I agree. I would focus on the functions one performed. Agreed.

I’ll add that, although I was in united nations children's, a sorority myself, I wouldn’t list it on my resume if I hadn’t held a leadership position that I was prepared to speak about in interviews and connect to my career. Now that I posted my substantive comment, forgive me for define human two threadjacks. 1.) I have a blue leather Brooks Brother’s bag. It has suede lining inside. Little particles are coming off the lining that look like the children's fund, junk leftover after using an eraser. It is getting all over my stuff. Management Essay? I think I am going to try vacuuming it out. Other ideas? 2.) I was recently asked ot join a very prestigous board in nations children's, my community. Mercutio Quotes? I just went to the first meeting.

Since it was all new to me, I took a lot of personal notes, in nice handwriting, etc. The head of the board, a nice older gentleman commented after “I think we know who our next secretary should be!” (Meaning Secretary of the Board, minute taker, etc.) I am a big fan of NGDGTCO. It stresses that women should avoid note taking roles. Is this one of those situations or would it be an honor to have an executive position on this super prestigous board? 1) No idea I’m afraid.

Double sided tape maybe? 2) How are the psitions decided? I.e. will there be an united children's fund opportunity for dowry islam you to united children's put yourself forward to be e.g. treasurer, or ask someone to mercutio quotes propose you for a role? If that is an option then you may be able to avoid the secretary position that way. The other question is, would the secretary have (1) a vote and/or (2) any other duties? Will a ‘no’ to both make you not want to do it? Will there be an opportunity to be elected to a different position later on? The trouble is, people end up get self-selected when they are good at something, even if that isn’t something they enjoy/want to be perceived as doing. If it is a choice of not being on the board at all or being secretary, I would pick being secretary, but if you have an nations children's option, then it’s a different ball game. I don’t know what the the three, answer is, but just some food for thought… If your board has a clear ladder to children's becoming Chair (Secretary, then Treasurer, then Vice Chair, then Chair), I’d do it.

Otherwise, I’d say don’t become the next little girl he gets to chaucer take advantage of. He can take his own *#)*!# notes. Normally I would totally agree about note-taking and the potential pitfalls/pigeonholes/etc. However, I agree with this comment about potentially climbing the board’s leadership ladder. I am President/Chair (different boards call it different things) of a board that oversees a large non-profit organization. The Executive Committee is united children's fund, comprised of the officers of the board (Pres, VP, Secretary and Treasurer) and that’s the group that handles all personnel issues and other “sensitive” issues that do not fall to the entire board.

It’s very valuable experience and the three golliwogs, leadership development. United Children's? If you’d get a seat on the Executive Committee (or something similar), I’d take it! It seems that the gentleman suggested you for the position because you have demonstrated the necessary skills, and not because he’s pigeonholing you based on gender. The reason NGDGTCO says to geoffry chaucer avoid notetaking roles is because you don’t want to be pigeonholed based on gender. Children's Fund? In this case, and dowry islam, especially since it’s an executive, leadership position, I think even Lois Frankel herself would tell you to children's fund take it. The only geoffry chaucer biography, caveat I’d add is to united nations fund make sure you know what the human, job entails. Since you’re new to united nations children's the board, you may not want to get hit with a lot of responsibilities while you’re still getting used to just being a member of the board. I think Lois Frankel would say to suggest a rotation.

It’s not life-and-death how accurate the geoffry chaucer biography, notes are, so it would not be a huge problem if Charlie takes notes next week and nations children's, they aren’t as nice as yours. So, fairness would say that you take turns as notetaker, either on a meeting rotation, or a month rotation, or whatever. Just so it’s clear from the outset that you are not the Permanent Secretary. Mercutio Quotes? And be sure to avoid other “secretarial” responsibilities. Children's Fund? You are not ordering the Multicultural, food, you are not booking the conference rooms. Just like notetaking, it should all rotate. I’d also suggest that the united nations children's fund, notetaker not be the food-orderer, just to keep the admin responsibilities distributed.

Are there any senior women on this board? Have there ever been any? I would try to get in touch with them for a cup of coffee to mercutio quotes see how this board works. I assume (based on nations fund, membership on Adventist, a board myself) that being secretary involves a lot more than just taking notes. It’s an executive board position! Taking minutes is just the most visible duty, and if it’s a board that has reporting requirements, it may be an incredibly important duty as well. I’m surprised to see a lawyer state that meeting notes aren’t extremely important. (I assume that this is an organization of some importance.) But yes, if it’s a dog job, the OP should try to united nations children's rotate the task. Regarding the Management Essay, BB bag, I don’t have solutions but I think if you were dissatisfied and wanted to return it that BB has a generous guarantee policy. On the BOD question, a board Secretary is united fund, different from mercutio quotes someone taking notes at a firm’s meeting or event. Being made to take notes at a company meeting can be (but is united nations fund, not always) demeaning.

If being a BOD Secretary on 7th Day, the Executive Committee would get you more visibility with members, personal access to united children's Board Members and publicity/kudos with your employer, then that is a great benefit and I would say to human go for it. Some BODs pay for secretarial services such as newsletters, filing of board meeting minutes etc., and those would be tasks that would be more drudge work. 1) Try emptying the bag, flipping it inside out, and united fund, lightly brushing the suede lining with a soft brush. You can find brushes made specially for Adventist cleaning suede, but a softer scrubbing brush (like a mushroom brush) should work just as well. Congratulations on being selected to the board! And as someone in nations children's, the nonprofit world, thank you for taking your job seriously — too many people do not. Find out what exactly the Understanding 7th Day, roles of secretary are. On our board, the secretary is part of the executive committee and is therefore more involved with decisions about the children's, organization. I would think that is only a good thing for you.

My sense has always been that law school admissions offices are impressed by leadership, so it could be worth keeping your Greek activities on your resume. Even if professors or students are biased against 7th Day sororities, admissions offices work with a broad range of united fund, students and might be more open to your experiences. (You have to geoffry biography figure that they’ve met smart sorority girls before.) Different but related: if you apply to united children's fund Teach for America, definitely put all of your Greek activities on your resume! TFA loves leadership experience in chaucer, any context, and united children's fund, a lot of TFA corps members were in Management, Greek organizations as undergrads. I included my sorority affiliation and offices on united children's, my resume when applying to law school and biography, summer internships. I listed it with other information under my undergraduate institution entry – scholarships, awards, community service groups and the like. And 12 years later, I still have it on my resume under the Interests section – no offices anymore, just the name of the sorority. I have reviewed dozens of resumes for summer associate candidates and nearly all of them list their Greek affiliations and united children's fund, any offices they held. This is one time when I really disagree with Kat–I interview candidates for/sit on the admissions board of a “top 10” master’s program (not bragging, just stating) and leadership is an EXTREMELY important part of the admissions process and is quantitatively factored into chaucer biography, the candidate’s score. United Children's? Perhaps this is dowry islam, different for law school admissions?

From my experience, I would highly encourage candidates to put all leadership positions and meaningful activities on united nations children's fund, a graduate school resume (i.e. volunteer work, Greek life activities) I live in the south and was a member of the Greek system in college so take this for what it’s worth, but I am not offended or put off in the least by seeing Greek life activities on dowry islam, a student’s resume. United? It has actually HELPED candidates because there were often very concrete examples of leadership and mercutio quotes, ethics that were demonstrated and have given prompts of things for me to talk about. I’ve noticed a trend in the past year or so for students to just list “Social Sorority” instead of the actual affiliation and united children's fund, I don’t like that as much because knowing the actual affiliation can help with connections and ice-breaking…”Oh I know such and golliwogs, such advisor” or “My sister in law was an XYZ at your school as well”. Absolutely put your Greek affiliation on your resume, especially if you held a leadership position. As a member of a Greek organization who is also currently an alumna volunteer, I can say 100% that my affiliation with my Greek organization has helped me in my career.

The abilities that you get from being a member of an organization – leadership, philanthropy, working in teams – are highly useful in the outside world. United Nations? I have had friends who put their affiliation on their resume and their interviewer was either a member of a Greek organization (so it gives you some common ground) or even a member of the same organization. Be proud of the organization that you voluntarily chose to be a part of. I absolutely wouldn’t list it, but I bet that this is regional. I am in mercutio quotes, the northeast and many people here would look on a sorority girl as fluffy, and fund, a greek guy as a tool.

Completely, completely, 100% agree. I would never put a Greek affiliation on a resume and if I saw one, I would think that the individual was just scraping to geoffry chaucer find things to put on a resume. (And this is children's fund, coming from dowry islam a former sorority girl who held numerous chapter and united children's, Greek-system wide “leadership” positions.) If you’re in the Greek system and are truly interested in leadership, you’re going to be doing things that are far more impressive (like honor societies, elected student government offices, etc.) that would be worthwhile to put on dowry islam, a resume. If you have to list Greek activities, my guess would be that you aren’t doing much else. At my school, student government and nations, honor societies were WAY less impressive accomplishments, and much easier leadership opportunities, than Green organizations. Huh, that’s interesting. Where I went to golliwogs school, things like Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board actually meant something and being involved in student government was a lot of work. Greek leadership, even if you were a VP/President, was not all that impressive.

PBK was more prestigious at my college (and it’s still on my resume 8 years later, while my sorority is not), but it didn’t offer any leadership opportunities at all. It didn’t *do* anything, it just existed as an indicator of academic success. I can echo c’s situation – basically anyone at united, my undergrad school who wanted a student government position could find one, and 7th Day Adventist, the student government had very little sway or power over anything that mattered at children's fund, the university level. Honor societies (besides Phi Beta Kappa) were open to anyone with a certain GPA in dowry islam, their major, so while still impressive, it didn’t demonstrate anything not already covered on the resume. The Panhellenic Society, which was the united children's fund, umbrella organization for Greek groups, had a lot of dowry islam, funding from alumni and voice in the administration because of children's fund, their abilities to 7th Day Adventist generate alumni support. So they tended to have more competitive elections, executive boards, and more impressive tasks as far as budgeting, marketing, and planning events.

And I say all this as an impartial observer who spent 90% of my time outside of class with the fund, equestrian team. I completely agree, mainly because my good friend was in charge of screening resumes for a well regarded consulting firm, and she definitely screened out everyone who put a “leadership” position from dowry islam a Greek organization (although particularly frats, rather than sororities) because she knew the schools, and knew that most of the leadership positions meant “pledge-master” etc. Also, I think that social activities and leadership roles are extremely important, but something like a Greek organization is something you do for yourself. You go to college to united fund excel at school, and if you happen to be amazing enough to be able to excel socially as well, this will come across in Management, many more flattering ways than Greek membership. Nations Fund? I would never put my eating club on my resume, for example. This – I think it’s pretty clear at this point that this is geoffry chaucer biography, a regional issue. Nations? I think part of the problem is Multicultural, that in the NE, schools that actually have sororities/fraternities are not as common, and the ones that do have them have sometimes had very difficult relationships with them (see the recent lawsuit at Yale www(dot)theblaze(dot)com/stories/yale-students-file-sexual-harassment-suit-against-the-university/ ). I went to school in the south, but work in the NE, and united nations children's, whereas I would have definitely put an affiliation (I’m not, but speaking hypothetically) down if I was interviewing in the south, I would not nowadays. Well, MIT is in the northeast, and they have a Greek life. So does Dartmouth. I’m going to disagree – slightly.

I was in a sorority as an undergrad in the South, went to golliwogs law school in NYC, and children's, later worked at a big NY firm. I think it’s fine to dowry islam list a leadership sorority position on a law school application to a school in the Northeast, unless it was social chair (or the equivalent). Nations? I don’t think law schools will discount participation in 7th Day Adventist, a sorority, unless it looks like that’s all you did. As for including a sorority leadership position on a resume for interviews, I think it depends. I wouldn’t absolutely rule it out in nations children's fund, the Northeast, particularly for on-campus interviews where you have assigned interviews by lottery. If you know you can come across as flighty, young, or bubbly, I would leave it off because interviewers may be more apt to stereotype you. In my case, I did not fit the mercutio quotes, stereotypical “sorority girl” so I wasn’t worried about making that impression. I also think it matters what kind of leadership position you had. I was responsible for enforcing the standards and rules of my sorority, and I thought this was actually slightly relevant to united nations fund a legal career. Human? At the very least, it showed that I was perceived as a “rule follower.” That doesn’t hurt.

I don’t remember very many people asking me about it during on-campus and subsequent interviews. If they did, I emphasized what I did (enforced standards and rules), downplayed the social aspects, and moved on united nations fund, to another topic. However, I definitely took this off my resume once I got my first job at a firm and had professional experience to Management Essay describe (I now work in house). Finally, I’d like to point out united fund, one unanticipated benefit of mercutio quotes, being in united nations children's, a sorority. Nothing prepared me more for the on-campus interview experience than sorority rush. Geoffry Chaucer? At my undergrad school, rush was very organized and programmed. At a particular time, you would show up at a sorority, and meet with a certain number of sorority members for united children's fund a set amount of time.

It was like speed dating. Or on-campus interviews. As a participant on both sides of the dowry islam, rush process, I graduated from school able to united make small talk with anyone about anything in a short period of time. And I was also prepared for the process of being “on” and speaking about the same topics with different people – consecutively – for hours. 7th Day Adventist? It also helped keep the nations children's, on-campus interview process in perspective. It’s just like rush – slightly ridiculous and Understanding 7th Day, random. Your last paragraph — spot on. Rush and OCI are similarly exhausting.

I made the connection too when I was doing OCI my 1L year. You also talk about similar things believe it or not — or at least, I found that to be true. Quite interesting and my ?0.02 is perhaps not as useful since we don’t have the Greek system in the UK, but I can’t help but recall the part in united, Legally Blonde 2 where Elle meets the Congresswoman who was in her sorority. I expect there are too many different sororities to count, but I expect at least some will provide you a great network and if, for dowry islam example, you knew that a hiring partner had been a member of the same sorority as you, why not put it down on your CV? Leadership roles and grad school applications? I would definitely leave it on. There’s so much more that’s more important — grades, LSAT, letters of rec — that I can’t imagine this mattering much and you definitely don’t want to eliminate leadership. Now for law school internships, where your resume is united children's, front and center, I’d probably take it off or make it a one-liner at Essay, most.

To echo those who were involved in Greek life, I absolutely think you should include it. If you were just a member without any job, it’s debatable, but it’s something you devoted time to and held leadership. United Nations Children's Fund? I am matriculating this year to law school and I absolutely think every aspect of my resume scored me my spot in the class, including my Vice President position in my sorority. I have also had multiple instances where you instantly connect with someone because they were either involved in Greek life or were in your same sorority. The networking potential is great – so wear your Greek affiliation loud and proud (though don’t go overboard, as we all know there is more to life…) Good Luck, as someone who just went through the mercutio quotes, admissions process, it’s tenuous but it all pays off. Do you know what tenuous means? I think not.

Yeah. Not sure how you’d confirm that being VP of united children's, your sorority sealed the deal for chaucer biography your admission to united children's law school. Hey, Judgy McJudgerson! Let’s just assume it was a typo. Strenuous?

I was thinking arduous, actually… And I was thinking torturous or tortuous! I give the benefit of the doubt and assume “brain fart,” since I have them so frequently. Regardless of her mistake, blatantly pointing it out like that was very rude. It’s Midol time!

Meow! Eew, effing hate that, sorry. Rudeness isn’t “catty” just because it’s from a woman. Just curious – what makes you think the VP spot was so helpful? (Comment from an Multicultural Management Essay admissions counselor?) And what type of united nations, school are you going to – national, regional, rough rankings range? As a partner in a law firm, I would recommend listing your affiliation if you had a leadership role. Multicultural Essay? I have always been proud of my affiliation and leadership roles in my sorority, and nations fund, I consider the leadership of over 100 other people – women! – to 7th Day Adventist Essay be a sign of the respect of your peers, the acceptance of united nations children's fund, responsibility at a young age, and the willingness to rise to a challenge you did not have to take on. My involvement in my sorority actually led me to be hired for my first summer internship. Multicultural? I held the position of Public Relations officer and, as someone going into nations fund, advertising, many of my potential employers were impressed that I already had experience with advertising, media management, and other skills. In my opinion, if it shows your experience or qualifications for the position for which you are applying, it doesn’t make you look like a vapid sorority girl.

I’d say, don’t just put it on mercutio quotes, your resume to have it there, but if it helps your case, it could be an children's fund interesting piece to add. I live in the South and my Sorority affiliation and Essay, leadership roles have been tremendously helpful in networking and job transition. Through my alum club, I was a board member for united nations children's a holiday marketplace that generates close to mercutio quotes $1M each year for charity. My budget was over $40K and my position involved a lot of contract negotiation. That experience helped me to show a broader skills set and range of experience beyond my law practice in a recent job transition. United Fund? You can join a Sorority to socialize and be a ditz or you can take it as an opportunity to lead. I have met many admirable, high-achieving women through my Sorority affiliation.

I ignore the dowry islam, others. I would include it but focus on what you achieved in your leadership role. For example, I was social chair of my sorority in college. When applying to graduate school, my resume indicated that I solely managed a budget of $X and children's fund, planned X number of geoffry biography, events per year and helped coordinate fundraisers for X charity. If you can make it look more like a job than a social club, then it will help. Now, 4 years out of fund, school, there is no mention of my greek affiliation on my resume because my actual job experience is dowry islam, more impressive and applicable. I live in the northeast where Greek life is not as popular as it is in children's fund, other parts of the country. Though I have been asked some interesting questions in interviews, those questions are another opportunity to the three golliwogs sell yourself. Definitely list your affiliation and leadership positions, and explain why they are relevant.

Focus on united, what you did in dowry islam, those roles, i.e.: managed other officers who reported to you, chaired committee (especially the united nations, judicial board, risk management and educational roles), planned philanthropic events attended by X number of the three golliwogs, people that raised Y dollars, and so on. Also focus on skills that you developed in those roles – problem solving, fiscal responsibility, public speaking, making presentations, etc. Consider talking to united children's fund your chapter adviser, regional adviser or another local alumna who is also a professional – she can definitely help you express your experience in a positive, business-friendly way. Your campus Greek adviser or career center are great resources also. Good luck!! Honestly, I don’t think the resume is going to matter much for law school admissions. It’s going to be about GPA and Adventist Essay, her LSAT (though I suppose it might be more of an issue if you’re applying to united children's the kind of school where all applicants have 4.0s and mercutio quotes, 180s!).

It will probably be more of an issue for job/internship applications, where they may actually look at the resume seriously. This is a little Pollyanna-ish, but I guess I would say, if it’s important to you – if feel proud of what you did and that you accomplished stuff in united, those positions – I would put it on 7th Day Essay, the resume. Sure, some people are biased against sororities (I used to be), but the networking opportunities can also be amazing. You’re not going to be able to predict which kind of reader you’re going to get. And do you want to have to hide a part of your life if it’s something that’s meaningful to you? (I know – naive – but I thought I’d throw it out there.) I disagree.

Most schools will aim for some diversity, and if you’re just going for people with the children's fund, 4.0/180 (or highest scores possible) you may be weeding out a lot of good applicants. I know in my school it was much easier to come in with a lower GPA as an older applicant (e.g. 5+ years out of undergrad) because they had more to offer in terms of real life skills, often had graduate degree, and finished undergrad at human relations, a time when GPAs tended to be lower. United Nations Fund? I know from the time I graduated to the time I applied to define relations law school, the median GPA at my undergrad went up by .3. My school also was eager to nations recruit applicants with certain academic backgrounds as well. To MelD and R – I do think schools look for golliwogs diversity. I just also don’t think those factors outweigh GPA/LSAT. Maybe to distinguish between students who have the same scores, sure – but if your scores aren’t competitive for a given school, a great resume won’t make up for that, and if your scores are great for a given school, they won’t care if you’re an axe murderer. I totally disagree. I’m helping a friend with his/her resume and this just came up. The extra twist is that the united nations children's fund, greek org s/he was in Essay, is religiously affiliated.

Does this mean s/he should leave it off? I’m kinda torn, but since s/he’s been out of school for a while now, I’m suggesting to leave it off based on the too-old-to-matter rule. I’ve seen this come up a bit in the Silicon Valley. I’d only put it on if she (assuming female but I see it more often on resumes from males) had a leadership role and she has little relevant experience except for that leadership role. I’d be extra careful to exclude wording that might be read as sexist, racist, or just plain I-don’t think-she’ll-fit-in-our-office-culture (e.g., anything to do with evangelizing). United Fund? And yes, I’ve actually seen it on resumes for people (usually men) affiliated with certain religions. They didn’t get interviews. If it’s on chaucer biography, the resume, I’d be prepared for some detailed questions about children's what she did, her role in the organization, how she handled a situation in the course of dowry islam, her leadership role, etc. But then, I do know someone who scored a job because she and the interviewer have the united, same favorite Pope. Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay? Go figure.

I’m slightly biased against Greek affiliations, but wouldn’t hold it against someone. If you do list it, I think you need to consciously think about not appearing ditzy when interviewing. I absolutely say leave it on united fund, your resume. Mercutio Quotes? I was an children's active member of Greek life as an Management Essay undergraduate and actually recently became active with a graduate chapter of my organization. My sorority membership has not only fund, proved invaluable for networking purposes, it’s provided many mentorship opportunities as well as provided opportunities to participate in service projects and events that indicate that I have interests and Understanding, a “life” outside of work that doesn’t just involve happy hour or my significant other.

Having attended a small college where only about 10% of students participated in Greek life and being from the North, I am fully aware of and have dealt with the bias against sororities and dismissive attitudes towards “sorority girls”, but not for nothing **this is where the chapter president in me comes raging out** stay true to your letters! Clearly, YOU believed there was some benefit to united nations fund sorority membership and chaucer, given the fact that you stepped up and took leadership roles, you clearly weren’t just using it as a social opportunity. Why hide that part of your development as a student and as a leader from potential employers? Acting ashamed of having Greek affiliation only makes it seem as though there is something to be ashamed of, when the truth of the matter is that student leaders within the united children's fund, Greek system were often among the hardest working students on campus- we had academic requirements to meet, mandatory events to attend, service projects as well as our own separate meetings, conferences, etc. to plan and attend, and YES, like any other college students, we also made time to party. Chaucer Biography? Sitting on children's fund, the interviewer’s side of the desk now, I actually appreciate seeing Greek life on a resume because it indicates to me that the person I’m speaking to wasn’t afraid to dowry islam take the initiative and fund, commit their time and biography, money to membership in a lifetime organization (most Greek orgs are supported SOLELY by membership dues so it’s a real commitment, especially for a student) and united fund, it also tells me that they probably have some experience balancing their obligations to an organization with internal conflicts (a houseful of fighting sorority sisters will STILL pull it together to spend all night assembling a winning homecoming float- can we say TEAMWORK?). If somebody’s not willing to hire you because you were in a sorority or the dowry islam, “wrong” sorority, then they’re not somebody you want to children's fund work for anyway (what, you’re gonna hide your “past” forever?). We don’t tell athletes to leave their sports off the resume lest the interviewer perceive them as a “jock”. And I doubt guys in Fraternities (even the ones who did nothing but haul kegs) think twice about listing it on their resumes! Womens’ social and service organizations are rarely respected and I’m calling BS on it!

My attitude: “Yes I’m a “sorority girl” but dammit, I’m a sorority girl with the qualifications and experience to make a dayum good addition to your institution so if you sleep on Understanding 7th Day, me- trust and believe it will be YOUR loss.” **steps off sorority colored soap box, picks up her sorority tote, and united nations children's, stalks off to have dinner with her Fortune 500, BigLaw, changing the world one-letter-at-a-time sorority sisters** I agree with all of this. I just can’t get over the feeling that there’s something distasteful about the underlying premise here. Management? It is certainly wrong that all sorority girls are homogenous. United Nations Children's Fund? There are all types of the three, sororities, all types of undergraduate institutions, all types of women who go into fund, sororities for all types of reasons. Why would we ever want to perpetuate stereotyping of mercutio quotes, women as “ditzy” simply because they were involved in a sorority? Maybe I’m being too preachy, but if anyone encountered this attitude — I’d think you’d want to combat it, not feed into it. I couldn’t agree more. Do people really think that Greek life is still all about united nations children's “pledgemasters,” keggers, and hazing? I went to school in the south, am now in the midwest, and have always had my sorority affiliation on Adventist Essay, my resume.

I think it’s opened lots of doors for united nations fund me, and shows that I am a social person who will be more likely to talk to people and develop business. I also think it’s impressive to “oversee $100,000 budget” and “manage executive board” at 21 years old. So, my advice is to dowry islam include the affiliation, especially if you were in a leadership role. United Fund? If you were an officer, then list specifically what your roles were. Define Relations? There are a lot of deadlines and paperwork for any national organization, and you can describe these things as though it was work experience that many recent grads may be lacking.

“Do people really think that Greek life is still all about “pledgemasters,” keggers, and hazing?” Yep. Many of us do. Then open your ears to what intelligent and serious women are saying on this thread — that that’s not the case. I went to united nations children's a college that tends to be very polarizing when people hear the name and I do not fit the stereotype of the traditional alum of that school at all. I am conscious that many people will think I’m like X when I’m really anti-X. Sometimes my school opens doors, other times I have to define human relations find ways to nations not have them slammed in my face. In many ways, Greek life is like that. If you know what people might be thinking about mercutio quotes you, you can manage that.

If you don’t know, you can’t. Exactly. I might give you a stereotype of ditzy, liking to go to costume parties, and being overly into clothes and makeup — and I will acknowledge it if needed, and united children's fund, continue to work to change the stereotype. But pledgemasters and keggers — really? Welcome to the 21st century were “pledge” and “rush” are dirty words, and every social event is approved by at Adventist Essay, least 5 professional women who volunteer their time as advisors, and then attend the events.

As an intelligent and serious woman, I have personally observed an nations entire dorm floor of girls endlessly discuss their efforts to dress like clones for rush, and Multicultural Management Essay, was personally involved in disciplining an entire sorority for fund sexist hazing that occurred at a “kegger.” This was at a very highly regarded university in the south, not just some party school, and less than ten years ago. Your experience might have been very different, I know greek life is very varied. It also annoys me that a “connection” as minor as a sorority would open professional doors for Multicultural Management someone, though I know it’s true. Nations Children's Fund? I can’t imagine being more likely to hire someone because they also horseback rode, or any other affiliation I might have. It seems so superficial and Good Ol Boy, as if having the same (very expensive) hobby means you must be “our kind”. That said, if someone presented their sorority experience in a relevant way, I’d look at define, it positively. While the nations children's fund, stereotype has real origins for me, I also knew plenty of very smart and capable girls in sororities and can see how it could provide excellent experience. Anon 10:53, I think that you summarized why I don’t care for the idea of the three, sororities and wouldn’t be impressed with the role. The whole idea that you have some sort of connection (not even a connection, but a “sister”-ship) to children's someone just because you were involved in mercutio quotes, the same organization (which, by the way, you paid a hefty sum of united, money to join) bugs me. I’m not saying that it’s not the case or not going to help you, but, to my mind, it *shouldn’t* be that way. I’m typically one of those people that rolls her eyes when she sees sorority membership on a resume, but I have to say, you make a very convincing argument!

Well put. “If somebody’s not willing to geoffry chaucer biography hire you because you were in a sorority or the “wrong” sorority, then they’re not somebody you want to work for anyway (what, you’re gonna hide your “past” forever?).” This is the second time I have seen this in this thread and it really bothers me. The last thing new grads need to believe is that they have the ability to pick and united fund, choose, in this economy, who they will or won’t work for based on who does and Essay, does not appreciate their Greek affiliation. If you ever read this thing called “the news,” you might have seen something about the massively terrible job market that young people are facing right now. United Fund? In fact, I have seen figures indicating unemployment is Multicultural, hitting 18-24 year-olds the hardest, with something like 25% of that age group out of work. New-grad Corporetters, if someone offers you a job while mentioning they hate your sorority membership, for the love of God, TAKE THE JOB!! You have no idea how few and far between job offers are for very smart, motivated, talented grads are, especially in big markets. It’s not about fund “hiding your past,” it’s about understanding how to be judicious about talking about it (and despite what some ex-sorority girls on the thread want to biography believe, sorority membership is united, not really either that stupendous or salacious – it’s just another thing people do in define human, college, for the most part). The days when a 22-year-old could be really selective and say “well, I wouldn’t want to work for those people anyway” are WAAAAAYYYY over. You don’t want to work for “those people,” huh?

Well, do you want to work at Denny’s? For, like, the next five years? Then suck it up, cover up your Greek letters tattoo, and united children's fund, take the job. THANK YOU! So tired of relations, being judged by non-sorority women for nations children's fund being in one. The Three? We don’t judge you for not joining one!

That is really not the case, overall. You may not, but others most certainly do. I disagree. Nations Fund? Unless you won a medal or a heisman trophy people should not put sports on their resume either. It just shows that you have nothing but fluff. I’m sorry, but that’s not a realistic analogy at all. Oh, and NE here, do NOT put a sorority on a resume. I think that having been a varsity-level athlete should definitely go on the resume – it shows incredible self-discipline and biography, commitment, certainly more than I ever had or ever will have. I absolutely agree! I was the captain of children's, my college’s varsity cheerleading team and Essay, it was probably the united, most influential experience of dowry islam, my life.

My time on the team honestly taught me more about leadership, teamwork, and dedication than anything I have participated in since that time. United? I am a lawyer and Essay, when I was interviewing for united jobs I wondered about the stereotypes associated with cheerleaders. In the end, I often found that it worked to my advantage when I could articulate why this experience, although plagued by stereotypes, was important in my life. Certainly you want to Multicultural maximize your chances when applying to grad school/jobs, but I often think being honest about who you are actually helps you become a more attractive candidate. If being in a sorority or sport or whatever activity enhanced who you are as a person and as a professional, don’t be afraid to put it on your resume because you are afraid of nations children's fund, judgmental people. This decision is going to be both regional, and in mercutio quotes, some circumstances cultural, because historically Black fraternities and sororities have different experiences in fund, this regard. The Alumni chapters of these organizations often are comprised of very active leaders in industry. The Three Golliwogs? For example, one of fund, our past national presidents is a sitting member of Congress etc… So I caution looking at all organizations through the same lens…. If you held a leadership role in a Jewish sorority or fraternity (or even student organization like Bnai Brith Youth Organization), I would say you should definitely include it. Mercutio Quotes? It could really open doors for you.

(This might not be true in the South? Can’t say, only ever lived on the coasts. Or I might just be succombing to stereotypes about the South. Who knows.) Not a hiring manager of any sort, so take this as you will, but if you can back up your position with substantive things you did, I don’t necessarily see the harm in putting it on. United Nations Children's? Maybe not at the tippy-top, but more in the “interests” section. I wasn’t in a sorority in college, as I went to an all-girls high school and mercutio quotes, was kind of estrogened-out by the time I went to college (now that I think about it, very few women from my high school joined sororities at united fund, all).

I also have kind of the same bias against them as others. But running a large organization on campus is a challenge, regardless if it’s the chess club or a huge sorority chapter. Especially if you ran extremely successful events, and you can talk about how your actions led to xx,xxx attendees, a % increase over past years. If your GPA and test scores are high, then it would be obvious you didn’t spend your time only going to sorority parties. I’ve had my sorority affiliation on my resume for geoffry biography 5+ years, (just the name now, and I believe a colon and united fund, titles of golliwogs, chief leadership roles directly after graduation). I put it in Activities, along with other professional groups I’m involved in. I’ve never found it to my detriment, and in united fund, fact have heard several recruiters and colleagues comment that they look for Greek affiliations in resumes, since it often connotates things like leadership, teamwork, commitment, etc. I agree with other commenters that if you expand, focus on results of what you accomplished there, budget you handled, like any other job. Also, tying Greek activities to community and involvement and charity might be a way to get broader appeal, it’s harder to begrudge anyone’s efforts to mercutio quotes save the whales! We women are part of the problem if we view membership in any organization of women as something shameful we don’t want to acknowledge or an indication of being “ditzy” stereotypes. Wholeheartedly agree.

I made a similar comment in response to someone else above. I’m sorry, but this simply isn’t true. An organization isn’t a good thing simply because the membership is solely female. And… it’s not a bad thing, either. Why would you view membership in a sorority (an organization of women) as shameful, in united nations children's fund, general?

Putting aside real information about a specific sorority, of the three golliwogs, course. Because it’s a social organization that you have to pay money to join? As a default, of course–there are exceptions (scholarships, actual-philanthropy-focused-greeks-orgs instead of the BS “dance marathon for charity” whatever once a semester). Some of us non-Greeks think males and females who were Greeks are vapid. United Nations Fund? Its not a gender thing. Exactly. Dowry Islam? It tells me something about united fund your priorities. The Three Golliwogs? (For a clue as to what that something is, please see the comment above claiming membership in Greek life demonstrates the important ability to balance work and social activities.) It makes me very frustrated that many of nations, you seem to think all sororities are the the three golliwogs, same. Open up your mind just a tiny bit – the stereotype you have in mind just is united nations fund, not applicable to every sorority chapter out mercutio quotes, there. In college, one of my priorities was my sorority – where I led 150 women in weekly meetings, planned and and executed an children's elaborate public relations plan, 2-day retreat and 4-day recruitment, headed several committees where I had to manage conflicting personalities, raised tens of mercutio quotes, thousands of dollars for charity and had a damn good time doing it, while maintaining a high GPA and pursuing several other extra-curriculars. I’d say my priorities were well-placed.

What exactly does membership in a sorority tell me about someone’s priorities? Does that mean any sorority-girl-applicant must have a 4.0 and a 180, otherwise she had misplaced priorities and she should have been studying instead of (doing whatever you do in a sorority)? Please. We all have “free time” in college and united nations children's, I don’t care how you spent yours. If your sorority experience was just about dowry islam socialization, then why would you bring it up? But if you planned a $50,000 fundraiser for charity, then by all means, tell me about it – and united nations children's fund, I don’t really care if you did it through your greek affiliation, your volunteer work with the Red Cross, your religious affiliation, etc…leadership is leadership. My priorities were securing my 4.0 double-major GPA, my Rhodes scholarship finalist status, my admission to a top-5 law school, and Understanding Essay, my presidency of a major campus community service organization. The sorority came after that, but there was room on my resume for it when I was newly out of school. Of course, at united nations children's fund, my college, sorority women had a significantly higher GPA than non-sorority women. Gosh, what a bunch of empty-headed girls we were! 1) Great name choice!

2) Wholeheartedly agree. There was an mercutio quotes earlier commenter that said to nations children's include it but to make sure and not act “ditzy” during the interview. Understanding? I would certainly hope that *any* Corporette would be conscientious enough to not be “ditzy” in an interview, regardless of whether she was in a sorority or not. The underlying premise that just because some of us chose to spend time in a Greek organization during college, ipso facto we need to try harder to not be “ditzy” is very regressive. I thought the above comment about united nations interview “ditzy-ness” was practical advice — NOT necessarily saying that sorority members need to try harder not to be ditzy — telling the OP to include the Greek info after considering how she generally comes off in an interview. If OP has a naturally bubbly demeanor, it might (consciously or subconsiously) reinforce a stereotype about Understanding Adventist sorority members, unfortunately. If OP doesn’t have that tendency, she doesn’t have to be as worried about being stereotyped. similarly, I am hyper-aware of not being taken seriously because I have a high voice and united nations children's fund, look young, so I try to do things to prevent potential stereotyping. With respect, I don’t really think the geoffry biography, question here has to do with membership in an all-women organization per se. I think it is more to do with the united children's, stereotypes (whether correct or incorrect) associated specifically with frats/sororities.

There are plenty of other single-gender organizations that don’t have those stereotypes, e.g. Golliwogs? Girl Scouting/Girl Guiding, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, etc. Well stated. I have a friend who refused to fund screen a make graduate from Duke because he was on a sport there (NOT lacrosse). I thought it was ridiculous, but it was her call (I don’t work with her). Multicultural Management? She had decided all male athletes from united nations children's Duke were probably sex offenders.

Wow. I mean….*wow*. That’s just odd. Yea I went to Duke during the lacrosse thing, and our grads keep doing stupid things (the girl with the powerpoint slide ranking all the guys she’d had sex with, eg). Dealing with those stereotypes are so much fun. Geoffry? . This.

I have the same reaction to guys in fund, fraternities. Dowry Islam? It’s not the gender. It’s the organization. I don’t think this is a gender thing, it’s a Greek thing. The (very few) Greek organizations in my area are mostly co-ed, and I still have an nations fund automatic negative reaction to them.

I hope I wouldn’t let that reaction cloud my judgement, but seeing as this is a board where people recommend making sure you don’t wear a loud print or have visible panty lines in case people judge you as incompetant for them, I don’t think it’s out of line to point out that some people have negative views of Greek organizations, too. I held a leadership position in my sorority and have never (and would never) list it on a resume. In my view, its like religion, more likely to turn off some people in a strong way that really do much help. I was Greek at human, a Southern university, and something like 60-65% of the women on campus were as well. I was also an engineer, and listed my affiliation on my resume. I cannot tell you how much improved my interviews with other Greeks were (including several interviews in Boston and Albuquerque). I’m of the opinion it can’t hurt to list. Anecdotally, having it listed helped me, but if it were to hurt me, I’m not sure those are people I’d really want to work with anyway. This is also a good point — to united nations children's fund a certain degree, anything you put on a resume that counts for anything will screen you out of certain jobs. Mercutio Quotes? If it is united children's fund, important to Multicultural Management you, then don’t worry that some people might think its stupid. Nations Children's Fund? You don’t want to work with people who think your priorities are stupid.

If its not an important part of geoffry chaucer, your life, you might leave off anything polarizing. United Nations Fund? Example, if you are trying to decide whether to the three golliwogs list something that shows a religious affiliation, it is probably worth it to list it if you really are deeply religious, you are vocal about it, and nations children's fund, you might have certain days of the weeks or holidays in the year that are off limits from work. If some people don’t want to interview you because you listed a religious affiliation, you probably don’t want to work with them. But if you go to dowry islam church twice a year, your religious affiliation isn’t something you identify with, etc…but you have some religious affiliation you could list on your resume, its probably not worth doing so because it might be polarizing and its not something you care enough about to give up on children's, potential job leads. Based on the comments of some of the people above, I am positive those people are not people I’d like to work with or for. And if you can hold onto that high-minded ideal in this day and age and still pay your rent and student loans without having to rely on dowry islam, Mommy and Daddy to pay them, more power to you. Ha! The high-minded ideal that you don’t want to united children's work with or for judgemental people? I have a great job, have not taken a dime from 7th Day my parents in 10+ years and absolutely love the people I work with and the environment I work in. I’m a Partner in an acconting firm and I interview many graduates…my advice would be to nations children's include your leadership roles for human relations example if you were Vice President Treasurer of a greek organization list the role and the organization. On the other hand if you were a member and united fund, didn’t hold a leadership role I’d leave it off of mercutio quotes, your resume.

The intent is to show your leadership skills and experience. You don’t need to show us your social/relationship building skills we can get a pretty good feel for that via the interview. In my experience the more extracurricular activities you managed to juggle in college (i’m including jobs in this category) the more prepared you are for a professional job. I was not affiliated with a sorority and don’t regret it. Children's Fund? I live in a region where it’s not taken in 7th Day Adventist, the highest regard. Just so you know where I’m coming from. If you held significant leadership roles that if not associated with the united fund, greek system would be appropriate on Adventist, your resume, then by all means include them.

You shouldn’t scratch them simply for being greek. I can’t speak to law school, but the graduate programs I’m familiar with (academic and professional) are definitely interested in leadership experience. I think most people understand that sororities are a non-stop party for some, but are a significant leadership development and public service opportunity for others. However, I would definitely not condone listing an association to fill out an empty resume or in fund, a hope of the three golliwogs, eliciting generosity from a fellow member. I have reviewed applications, and trying to nations fund convince me to accept you over other equally qualified applicants simply because you were a member of an organization (even if it was one in geoffry chaucer, which I was also a member) is not going to united nations work in your favor. I think you hit the define human relations, nail on the head with: “If you held significant leadership roles that if not associated with the greek system would be appropriate on your resume, then by united fund, all means include them.” For the record, I was not involved in Greek life at a small midwestern school – I think we had 2-3 sororities, and Understanding 7th Day Adventist, one was at least loosely affiliated with the drama department – but I have no strong feelings against united fund Greek life, just as I have no strong feelings against people my current age involved in Multicultural Management, ‘philanthropic’ groups that exist mostly to plan and attend elaborate parties. I was in a sorority and it personally has not hurt me (I put my leadership role on my CV until I had more out of school experience).

Also speaking from a recruitment point of view having the united children's fund, work/ social balance can actually make a huge difference. It demonstrates that you are well rounded and can engage in different scenarios. I know of people who are very weary of taking the kid who only focused on academics because they feel like they may lack the personal skills that those who went out and joined organizations (greek or not) gained. I find it very sad that there seem to the three be so many women responding to this post who are so close-minded that they are incapable of getting past stereotypes. The ability to balance work with life and to lead people of diverse backgrounds are increasingly important in today’s professional world so I think it would be a mistake to exclude college leadership experience and extracurricular activities from a resume . Intelligent and experienced recruiters are are capable of considering the skill set of an applicant without being intolerant based on stereotypes – and I suspect the executives and owners of the best companies to work for expect this from their recruiters. Because Greek life is known for being super tolerant. That’s my problem with including it–it gives the united nations children's, impression that you’re into drinking, hazing, and treating people who aren’t in your inner circle like crap.

That may be an Understanding 7th Day unfair stereotype of Greek life, but it’s hardly a ridiculous impression to have of it. Agreed. Nations Children's? One of the things that hasn’t been made explicit in mercutio quotes, this thread is that sororities are inherently based on exclusion. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the membership is built by looking for people who fit a particular mold and united fund, who very much want to conform to that mold. One aspect of sorority life is sorting people by type. As a second-generation American, very much a minority from a very middle-class family, who wasn’t necessary schooled in the more esoteric ways of upper-middle-class mainstream America, I never felt that there was a sorority that would have me. I think it depends on the sorority and dowry islam, the school environment generally. That was definitely the children's fund, case at my school.

My cousin went to Multicultural school in another part of the country and dropped out of nations children's fund, her sorority because it wanted to be too exclusive. Management? She found she preferred women who didn’t necessarily fit her sorority’s mold, and united nations fund, those women were always the dowry islam, ones pointed out children's fund, as being undesirable by the rest of her sisters. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s stereotypes doesn’t mean that don’t have them. Management? As I mentioned earlier, I held a leadership position in my sorority and nations, don’t consider it resume material. This whole thread demonstrates why that’s the right decisions, a lot of educated professionals have negative impressions of sororities — that’s what matters, not whether they are right to have those views. You will never know that you didn’t get the interview or offer because you listed your sorority on define, your resume, nor will you get the chance to explain it, to united nations children's fund maximize your job opportunities, you are better leaving it off.

If I interviewed you, I’d want to see your sorority experience only if it involved being a leader, not just a member. Mercutio Quotes? And I don’t think I’d use the nations, word sorority, I’d use just the geoffry chaucer biography, name of the united children's, organization. Example, Social Chair, Alpha Chi Omega, 2010-present. (other than the years above, that’s what would have been on Adventist Essay, MY resume!) I know there is united children's fund, some anti-greek bias, but you might also run into someone like me who realizes how valuable the greek experience can be. 20+ years later I can look back on my own and see how it shaped me as an individual and a leader in very positive ways. Dowry Islam? I would have some bias toward assuming it did the united nations, same for Management you. Also, be sure to list any leadership positions with regard to united children's your organizations philanthropy.

I agree with this. FWIW- I was not in a sorority and thought over a decade ago at age 19 they were for the girls and guys who needed to make a big school feel smaller. Now, I regret that I didn’t do it, because I see it was an opportunity to the three network and united children's fund, collaterate with others on philanthropic endeavors, and dowry islam, aspire for children's leadership positions at a young age. I was in a sorority in 7th Day Adventist, college and included my leadership role on my resume when I applied to law school. I believe I even kept it on fund, there when I applied to law firms. While I don’t think it particularly helped me get into school or get my current big law job, it didn’t appear to have hurt me. I think the skills I gained having to develop and manage an annual budget and handle the sorority’s finances was an Understanding Adventist Essay excellent experience and helped me develop a lot of skills (social, leadership, financial and fund, otherwise) and Management Essay, wanted to children's reflect that on my resume. The only relations, Greek letters I’m impressed by are Phi Beta Kappa. Because this is on united nations children's fund, my resume (re: undergraduate degree), I had listed it to go on my law firm bio page as well, after checking that people were including things like “cum laude” or “with honors” after their listed degrees. The (2nd or 3rd year) associate responsible for biography editing and nations children's fund, formatting the bios for the web site wrote me an email saying that he had dropped this from my bio because the firm’s practice was to leave out sorority affiliations. I was speechless.

To Amy H. — what a story! Wow. I hope PBK is on your firm bio now. Holy wow. That’s sort of Essay, stunning. PBK was a huge deal at my undergrad, you had to be roughly top 2% to get into it (although that varied by major). Everybody who had the nations children's, type of dowry islam, background that would eventually lead to becoming a lawyer knew what it was and aspired to united nations fund it. It’s a big deal everywhere. Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay? Not every smart person is elected to PBK; you might have had a bad term, or taken some challenging classes that blew your GPA. United Nations? But if you were PBK it’s universally recognized as an impressive achievement and Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, is always listed. That’s hysterical.

Good Lord. Oh, and although I know that people do use “finalize,” “to put into final form” is better. I wasn’t very active in nations children's fund, my sorority in college. The Three Golliwogs? I pretty much did the minimum to not become in “bad standing”, but rushed solely to meet new people. I would never put my sorority on nations fund, my resume. Mercutio Quotes? It was my stress reliever- not a responsibility! That being said, many of my sisters who did hold leadership positions did have a lot of responsibility and united, demonstrated a lot of skills that employers value. They all put those positions on their resumes and are gainfully employed now. Maybe there may be some prejudice against sorority girls when applying for jobs, but I think it would be far worse to Multicultural Management have a sparse resume.

You don’t want it to seem like you coasted through undergrad. United? I’d say keep it on your resume until you have some valuable work experience to take its place. On a related note, has anyone on this board read Alexandra Robbins’ Pledged? I was fascinated by dowry islam, it. United Nations Fund? But the stories definitely contributed to my dislike of the greek system. Although, as someone above posted, black sororities seem to geoffry be really impressive and nurturing. Haven’t read it.

But from the blurb on Amazon, it sounds like that particular sorority was awful. My experience couldn’t have been further from it, although I wasn’t *that* involved. United? If there were institutionalized eating disorders, I thankfully did not fall prey. The Panhellenic Council at my school was actually pretty organized and Essay, powerful, and devoted itself to lobbying the administration for such things as better women’s healthcare, more women in tenure-track positions, and better free mental health resources for everyone. Actually, there were 4 different women in different sororities at different universities. United? And if you look at dowry islam, the comments, many of the united nations fund, commenters said they were in sororities and felt the dowry islam, book was very true-to-life. I’m glad your experience was positive, but it sounds like the book captures the nations fund, true story at many schools.

Ah, sorry. Reading skills. I glossed and Multicultural Management Essay, thought the united fund, 4 women that helped her were in her own sorority. Makes much more sense the actual way. I read the book and found it to mercutio quotes be interesting. It did highlight some key differences between sororities and united children's, I found out my school required the women to Essay live in the sorority house for united three years. There was a really large division between the Greeks and the GDIs on Understanding Essay, my campus and I think that really played a big role.

Living in children's, a sorority house can be cost prohibitive and I really saw a pretty big difference between the Greeks on chaucer biography, my campus and those women I met who went to schools that couldn’t have sorority houses at all or made them voluntary. As a black woman who did not belong to united nations children's fund a sorority (my school did not have them), black sororities and define human, fraternities seem the most idiotic of united nations, all. Lack of power, money, influence AND snobbery. Great combination! Um, how on geoffry biography, earth would you know? You’ve indicated that you weren’t a member, didn’t have them on your campus to united nations fund make any real determination with regard to their money, power, affluence or snobbery?

As a member of one of the large Black sororities, I can assure your there is plenty of geoffry chaucer biography, all four of the united fund, above! Every organization has it’s positives and dowry islam, it’s negatives, but base your criticism in fact. I get that people are entitled to their own opinions about united nations children's fund organizations, but I’d put my chapter Sorors and both their achievements and community service up against any notion of what it means to be in golliwogs, a sorority. 90% of them fall soundly in the definition of nations children's, a “Corporette” regardless of their chosen fields of chaucer biography, medicine, law, business, education or the nations fund, arts. Dowry Islam? And we are in amazing company, – Dr Dorothy Height, Mary McCleod Bethune, Nikki Giovani, Sadie Alexander, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, etc.. I’ve met some of your less illustrious members. And yes, as you noted, I am entitled to my opinion. I’m posting a comment, not writing an united fund article. For people just out of college, who did hold leadership positions in Understanding 7th Day Adventist, the sorority (if all you did was go to parties and wear the t-shirts, no one cares), I think it’s fine. I absolutely do not give those women more consideration or think they are better than other applicants for being the fund, Vice President of Kappa Kappa Gamma or whatever, but it’s totally OK with me that they have it on their resume. It is something that they did in college, and with a new grad, I am interested in 7th Day, what they did in college.

Do not think for one second, however, that lots of nations fund, extracurriculars or sorority leadership will distract me from Management a distinctive lack of academic rigor in your courses or poor grade performance, because it won’t. If it’s obvious from your resume and transcripts that you skated through college because you were more interested in partying than learning something, no “leadership positions” you put on your resume – whether it’s for a sorority or the nations children's, astronomy club – will matter. BUT. For anyone more than 5 or so years out of college, including your sorority affiliation on your resume is Management Essay, really, really pathetic. United Fund? Five years out of college, no one cares. You should not still care. College is over. I would definitely think less of a non-new-grad candidate who included their sorority “affiliation,” or their sorority “leadership role,” on their resume at that point. For the golliwogs, record: I pledged (Chi Omega), got a bid, turned it down. Best decision I ever made, next to who I picked to children's fund marry.

I agree that if you’re 5 of geoffry, so years out of college and your only nations, involvement with your sorority was in college than including your sorority affiliation on chaucer biography, your resume is pathetic. But a lot of international sororities have strong alumnae members who volunteer their time organizing leadership conferences, fundraising events, and united nations children's fund, providing mentorship for collegiate members just like members of a Lion’s club or a Rotary club. In those instances I think it’s not at all pathetic to list your affiliation on mercutio quotes, your resume under the volunteer section. I’m an alumnae member of Alpha Phi and I thoroughly enjoy volunteering my time both as an advisor to a collegiate chapter and as an executive member of my alum chapter. United Nations Fund? I don’t have my sorority affiliation listed on the three golliwogs, my resume because Greek Life is united children's, quite under the radar here in Canada and all most people know is negative portrayals from the media. The Three? But I do mention it in interviews if it comes up in a valid way and only if I feel the interview is going well. I also proudly wear my pin on International Badge Day and my Red Dress pin every day in Heart Health Month (February), our philanthropy supports Women’s heart health and cardiac care. Not the OP on this one but sorry, that still all sounds kind of pathetic to me. If you brought up how involved you still are in your college sorority and your alumni chapter in united nations children's fund, an interview, I would seriously think you did not have any kind of a real life, or alternatively, that you were choosing not to grow up and mercutio quotes, move past college. And I especially don’t get the “I still wear my pin on Badge Day” thing.

You do understand that like Ann said, no one cares? Right? Assume two candidates with identical academic credentials. One is Treasurer of the Recycling Club (the most boring group I can think of). The other is Treasurer of Alpha Beta Gamma Delta. I’d be more interested in interviewing Recycling Club Person. It’s probably not completely fair to post this, but I’ve never forgotten this New York Times “Modern Love” column on a horrific experience a woman had with a sorority.

It’s not all unfair stereotypes. Some of it is reality. “My Sorority Pledge? I Swore Off Sisterhood” That is children's fund, a horrible story. My little college was non-Greek (one of the things I was looking for chaucer biography in a school and very hard to find in united, the South), but we did have a “women’s service organization” that had a pledge-week, held fundraisers, cost a whole lot of money to golliwogs get into, and fund, supplied alcohol to underage students on our dry campus.

Meanwhile, the rest of us made friends on chaucer biography, our own, volunteered on our own, had fun on our own- and united nations children's fund, all for free! My cousin was involved in her sorority during college, and geoffry chaucer biography, they all loved her- until they started getting mad at her for missing meetings (scheduled while she was in class) and not pulling her weight in planning things (while she was suffering repeated debilitating days-long migraines). Her “sisters” all knew what she was going through, and fund, instead of supporting her in trying to figure out Understanding 7th Day Adventist, what was going on with her health and get better, they asked her to leave. In comparison, my roommate broke her leg, and six of our friends with cars got together with me and children's, we put together a schedule of who was going to drive her to the three golliwogs classes, doctor, grocery store, and anywhere else she might have desired to go. My cousin spent three and a half years in that sorority, and she doesn’t talk to children's fund any of the women she knew from it. Golliwogs? She doesn’t even mention it, which must be horrible- it was a huge part of nations children's, her life, and it’s like it didn’t even happen. I guess having leadership experience is a good thing- but just as lawyers (and accountants!) can have bad reps because of something very few have done, the mercutio quotes, same can go for Greeks. Yes, lawyers get a bad rep, which sometimes is united fund, deserved. But at least lawyers are generally believed to be smart, organized, and define relations, competent. Sororities, by contrast, are generally known for united children's fund being snobbish and chaucer, excluding and nasty, and that is not infrequently the reality, as you have pointed out. Gosh, all these nasty little stories about united nations children's sororities are coming back to me.

A few years ago, I believe a sorority rejected a bunch of women who were deemed insufficiently attractive. (That’s really woman-empowering.) A doctor’s assistant told me about geoffry chaucer her niece who transferred from a Southern school because her sorority sisters had driven her out. Everyone to some extent has to united children's deal with the generalizations made by strangers about mercutio quotes their background. For example, if you went to a top Ivy, some people assume you’re a clueless egghead, or a rich legacy, or an entitled jerk, or a person who thinks s/he’s smarter than s/he really is united children's fund, …. I think there’s value to C in dowry islam, reading how some people might respond to her having been part of a sorority. Now that I’ve thought about it, I’m not sure any law school would care. Law firms might be different. Fund? Time enough to Multicultural Essay worry about that.

I was in united fund, a sorority. And I’m really ambivalent about the experience. My school had local (non-Greek) sororities and fraternities, so what I experienced was very likely different in Understanding, many, many, many regards from what Greek sorority members experienced. Without a doubt, belonging to a sorority has had a hugely positive impact on my life. I really met the nations fund, friends of dowry islam, my life through my sorority; I gained tons of leadership experience; I got to united nations fund work with charities throughout undergrad; I met and developed relationships with professional women well before I embarked on my job search; I continue to network with this small group of alumnae. Mercutio Quotes? I wholeheartedly agree with others here who say that being in a sorority was empowering and benefited their overall professional development. That was certainly my *individual* experience. But, I also think the united, *system* of sororities/fraternities has a lot of issues. While I found my sisters to be almost uniformly impressive — and mostly feminist — young women, I found the traditions of Essay, our sororities and fraternities often rooted in fund, sexism, misogyny and super weird about special rights and privileges. For instance, many of my sorority’s (which was originally founded as a literary club) traditional secret songs involved lines about Understanding 7th Day involvement with guys in the fraternities. United Children's Fund? Yeah, it was silly fun, but it’s also just plain weird for a bunch of awesome women to dowry islam be memorizing songs detailing men’s attributes based upon nations fund their fraternity affiliations.

I know men had similar (and frankly debasing) songs about sororities. Add to dowry islam this the united nations children's, traditions of stags with fraternities only (though we did have a stag with one other sorority once), private parties where only members are invited (only contributing to divisions among classmates — I had many friends outside of define relations, my sorority and united nations children's fund, always felt weird that I couldn’t integrate them into this part of my life), and some other very strange pledging traditions (we did not haze, though I know other organizations at my school did): and overall I have to conclude that as a whole, this system of exclusive organizations — as presently constructed — are not good for undergraduate culture as a whole. Despite my mostly wonderful individual experience. In sum, just because I gained privilege from the dowry islam, system doesn’t make the system right. United Nations? or just. FWIW, I put my leadership experience in Understanding 7th Day, my sorority on my resume right out of undergrad, but I put it under other activities, next to my academic honor society memberships — as opposed to united nations children's being the editor-in-chief of the college paper, which I placed under job experience. I’m five years out of school now, and don’t list the dowry islam, sorority at all. i’d leave it off a resume (if you have other things to put on nations fund, there), but if you have connections from your affiliation, work em. this chain just shows there’s a lot of negative associations with the greek system, so why hurt yourself before you get in the door.

Remember this is just grad school the mercutio quotes, OP is applying to. It’s not a job where she should have more serious achievements on her resume. Many grad schools both want and expect to see clubs, school involvement and school-life balance. I’ve served on admissions committees (admittedly not at the Ivy League) and an applicant without clubs (or a story) reads like that really unfortunate kid with no social skills who you don’t want claiming your school as her alma mater. By the same token, law schools typically are interested in united, your intellectual and academic ability, and to some extent, your maturity.

Now of course, an applicant with a great LSAT score and GPA from a good school is going to do fine, even when disclosing fraternity or sorority membership. It’s the borderline case in dowry islam, which this might matter. For very good reason, fraternities and sororities are not associated in the popular mind with the brightest, most diligent and nations, meritocratic of students, the kinds of students that law schools supposedly like. How many movies have I seen in which the fraternity bros get together to Multicultural Management cheat on an exam after finishing a three-day bender? How many real accounts have I read about women being attacked or sexually used by fraternity guys, or about sorority women exhibiting vicious “mean girl” snobbery? It was a frat at Yale, DKE, that marched its pledges past the women’s center at fund, night, screaming “No means Yes. Understanding Adventist? Yes means anal.” Yup, if you act like an animal, chances are people are going to think you’re not too bright. Columbia had some kind of scandal involving a fraternity in the last couple of years. Those are just the united fund, ones I’ve heard of.

I’m confused. Since when do law schools require resumes? Not to defend the fraternities, but to clarify the situation… only Understanding Essay, 10% of students at united nations children's fund, Columbia are in fraternities. And the scandal was over drug-dealing. Thanks for human the info. I didn’t suggest that most students at Columbia were in fraternities. I’m sure very few Yalies are in frats as well. A scandal is a scandal.

I think drug dealing serious. These student-run housing situations are far more often the children's fund, seat of problems than the regular student residences. I don’t understand why, according to many opinions stated on thread, all sorority members are guilty by association simply because other members of Greek houses, at other schools and in mercutio quotes, other parts of the fund, country, have committed criminal behavior or displayed extremely poor judgment. I was a division 1 athlete. The Three Golliwogs? There have been many scandals in which division 1 athletes have raped women and engaged in other criminal behavior.

One or two of united nations children's, these scandals even took place at my own school. Does that mean I’m a rapist and a criminal? Replace “division 1 athlete” with “Greek house member” and there you go. It makes no sense and reflects poorly on the commenters, not the sorority members. I don’t think you can really compare Division 1 Athlete to Greek House member. Division 1 Athletes qualify for that status based on merit and ability. Greek house members become members based on more superficial qualities like appearance and mercutio quotes, similar background.

I think you completely missed the point of her comment. The point was that prejudice and stereotyping is unacceptable. My personal experience with putting my Greek affiliation on my resume has always been very positive. United Nations? I was the president of my sorority at geoffry chaucer biography, Harvard, which might help balance out the “ditz” impression that seems to be a common fear. In any event, I’ve discussed the experience (which was extremely valuable and formative for me) in united children's fund, almost all of Management, my interviews, including the interviews for united children's the law firm at which I’m now an associate. Human Relations? When I was interviewing for clerkships, I discussed the united nations fund, experience with a 9th Circuit judge who had held a similar leadership position during her experience in a sorority. She was enthusiastic about discussing the Understanding 7th Day, Greek system and its positive effects on her own life. Now that I am in the position of interviewing candidates at nations fund, my firm, I enjoy talking about the Greek system as a point of dowry islam, commonality with candidates who list their own affiliation. I wouldn’t necessarily just list membership in united, a Greek organization on your resume, but I think that the leadership experience is valuable and the affiliation generally can at times be a good talking point. Chaucer? Just my own two cents. I was in a sorority (er, “women’s fraternity”) in undergrad (small southern school, 75%+ Greek).

The time commitment is pretty large, even for regular members. Triple the nations, amount of meetings for Management women in the top leadership positions. I would never, ever have thought to united fund put involvement in relations, a Greek organization on my resume. Children's? That being said, all of these comments have convinced me that it can be useful in certain cases. It certainly demonstrates reliability and leadership skills – especially if she make a good case for Multicultural Essay how those skills will serve her in the workplace. I was a pretty terrible sorority member – I was just too busy with school work to take any leadership positions. Nations? Mostly I learned to try to stay engaged in seemingly interminable meetings, while unsuccessfully keeping my mind off of the 1 million other things that I had to get done. Hey, great practice for the working world! That being said, I probably would drop it off the resume by 10+ years after graduation. By then, you have relevant professional experience. I do have my affiliation listed on LinkedIn for networking purposes, but I do not have it on my resume.

Didn’t OP say she was applying to law SCHOOL? Not a job. Understanding 7th Day? I remember putting like every significant extracurricular etc. down in my law school applications. I don’t think admissions people at united nations, law school are going to hold any particular affiliation against anyone, even if it’s not one they would choose themselves. When it comes to a resume for a job, I just don’t think it’s that big a deal.

Sure some people hate sororities. I’m one. Dowry Islam? My college didn’t have them and in nations children's, my snotty youth days, I turned up my nose at the three golliwogs, people I knew at schools that had them. (I’m not from the south.) Has nothing to united fund do with whether they are a “women’s organization,” I thought they were about conformity and pleasing men. Geoffry Chaucer Biography? But good grief, I would never be so small minded as to united nations reject a job applicant out of hand because I saw a sorority mentioned in context of leadership skills on mercutio quotes, her resume. Everyone is a complete package, and no job applicant is exactly like me in all respects. Don’t put it on. I was in children's fund, one for a bit. Am 34 now. Would think it weird to put it on dowry islam, grad school app. NEver occurred to me to list it for a professional setting situation.

It’s social. Consider taking on united fund, a non-greek leadership role or activity soon. I was amused by a comment below that sorority girls are just soooo superficial, focusing on hair, makeup and dowry islam, clothing for rush or other events. Fund? Yes, I can see why such interests are problematic. Certainly no one would ever join a community of like-minded women to discuss these things. @@

I’m also amazed how provincial some northeasterners are. Dowry Islam? Thinking that sororities are only nations fund, ditzy MRS seekers reflects poorly on you and says that you have very little awareness, knowledge or openness to golliwogs anything outside NYC. It’s not flattering. You’re not doing yourself any favors with this post either, sweetie. Children's Fund? :) There’s more to golliwogs the Northeast than NYC. Yes, I’m aware. I’m originally from the Northeast myself. But, I guess some people think Legally Blonde and Animal House were documentaries instead of comedies. I went to school in the Midwest, my cousin went in the Southeast and fund, both of the three, us found sororities at our schools that had those traits. There were only one or two sororities that really seemed to attract the nations children's, more intellectual women at my school, and that was well known.

My mom was in a sorority and she still is mercutio quotes, delighted when she meets other ladies from the united nations fund, same group. It’s like a much smaller version of an alumni connection — if I interviewed two people and one went to my alma mater, I might be more likely to connect with that person. Doesn’t mean I’d automatically choose or disqualify on golliwogs, that though. On another note, interviewers who refuse to interview you based on a group you were in in college (as long as it wasn’t, like, the united fund, KKK) seem like they do a diservice to their organizations. I like diversity in Understanding Essay, my workplace, and united nations fund, sorority ladies can fit in as well as skiiers, bakers, bird-watchers, socialists, a cappella singers, or whatever other club you were in in college! (disclosure: I was in an a cappella group in college that took up about as much time as a sorority, and probably threw as many parties. I still have it on Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, my resume because it’s a good conversation starter.)

I have a different view on this than I have seen in united nations children's, reading through the mercutio quotes, responses. First, there are SO MANY THINGS that a person can “judge” you by on your resume and sorority affiliation is only one of them. Political affiliation, certain charity organizations that indicate a religious preference (even something like United Way can indicate certain preferences). The truth of the matter is, even in united nations, this economy, there comes a point when you have to let those things go. Of course that is not to say that you shouldn’t try to present yourself in the best light possible, but at a certain point, some things are going to define human relations be obvious. However, Sorority Affiliation (as indicated on children's, this thread) can be polarizing. Here is my view: Only put down sorority affiliation if you were the geoffry biography, president or vice president of your sorority or panhellenic council. I think what you want to avoid is something that a non-sorority person won’t understand. Nations Children's? Putting that you were T-Shirt Chair might indicate to golliwogs a fellow recent sorority grad that you could responsibly handle a large budget, communicate between vendors and your committee, etc. However, a non-sorority person doesn’t understand that and may think it sounds silly. As for sports teams — I say go for it.

However, unless you are on united nations fund, the actual school team put it under hobbies. 7th Day Essay? My sister was a division 1 athlete through college and united children's, it is a huge time commitment. It shows excellent time management skills. As a lawyer and a member of a sorority, I disagree. I think sorority affiliations are important to an individual’s personal and human relations, professional develeopment. I also held just about united nations every leadership position in my sorority and I included on human, my resume when starting out. My sorority involvement taught me critical time management skills, people management skills, and nations fund, workplace etiquette development. Chaucer? In fact, I’ve recently noted SIGNIFICANT disparaties between unprepared non-Greek applicants and Greek applicants and will almost always favor the Greek candidate (if it was not just a party group), because I know how sororities develop character. As with anything on a resume, I would only include those activities in united fund, which a person is involved and dowry islam, active, not just “present.” If you include on united fund, your resume, be prepared to tell the interviewer how Greek life prepared you for Essay the working world-see above re: time management, deication to nations children's a project, learning to geoffry chaucer work well with others, developing leadership skills, etc. Any number of non-Greek extracurricular activities will teach the skills you’ve mentioned, for example, working for the school newspaper, managing a school musical group, running the school radio or TV station, running a student business, performing work/study jobs.

Moreover, admission and promotion usually are based on talent and nations fund, commitment. I think there is a big difference between (1) using Greek affiliation to network and geoffry biography, (2) putting Greek affiliation on your resume and thinking it will help you get into nations children's fund, grad school or land a job. Taking advantage of personal networks through Greek orgs make sense to me, but I have a hard time believing I would hire a candidate or admit a student b/c of Greek affiliation. Definitely. Define Relations? A lot of people here seem to be mixing them up. Nations Children's Fund? The question is not whether one should join sorority and if that could be a good career move down the road (I think it can be) – the Management Essay, question is whether one should put that experience on her resume. Different question. I think Reader C should absolutely put it on her resume. United Fund? I was involved for 4 years in college in Greek Life and as a result was able to use it on my resume for leadership experience, community involvement, volunteer work, honor societies, and Understanding 7th Day, general campus participation. And, without knowing it, I was hired for my finance internship and united nations children's, my first job by fellow Greek Life members without even knowing. Though the alumnae group in my city, if I needed additional networking resources for finding new jobs or recommendations, I guarantee that that would be the first place I would look.

Yes, there are always people that are going to sneer at someone’s list of involvements, whether you’re in a religious organization, the Sierra Club, or whatnot, but no one has the perfect resume coming out of define human relations, college and entering the workforce/graduate community. don’t go to law school. I just read this entire comment thread, and frankly I am shocked at the judgment and united nations children's, lack of support being offered to the three golliwogs other women who may have happened to be in a sorority at one time. This is certainly the most vitriol that I have ever seen on united, this site. On at 7th Day, least a weekly basis, there is clothing linked to by posters that I wouldn’t be caught dead in, but I’d never post a comment to that effect or use the fund, fact that you want to purchase a god-awful purse to form a judgment on who you are (and more importantly, what kind of employee you are).

Life is define, hard enough as a professional woman, especially for united those who are just beginning their careers, without us ripping each other down. OP, just put it on your resume. Golliwogs? If you are competent in other areas that are important for your field, you’ll be fine. United Children's Fund? In fact, it may be a bonus if leadership is something you have a passion for and want to continue pursuing throughout your education and career. If you get rejected because you were in a sorority, I wouldn’t be upset about not going to school there. And even though the economy in the toilet, I still think there is 7th Day Adventist, something to be said for being true to yourself. As someone from outside of the US, everything I know about sororities I learned from Legally Blonde the nations children's, Sweet Valley twins. Human Relations? It gives off a very negative connotation to associate yourself with one. ‘Greek’ means something other than someone from Greece? You learn something every day. I learned many amazing lessons being president of my sorority.

It can be a leadership experience – no reason not to list it as such. I was president of nations, my sorority chapter. I was also the greek-wide community service/philanthropy chair for 7th Day Essay Panhellenic. Both of these positions required a huge amount of work, and both were on united nations children's, my resume when I applied for law school and for summer associate positions. That was in the “good ol’ days” of BigLaw hiring, but I think I would do the same today. I interview now and leadership is important to me. Biography? In fact, by the time I’m interviewing during callbacks, the minimum academic requirement hurdles have already been met, so it’s actually all about united children's “fit” — and golliwogs, leadership is a big piece of united children's fund, whether you’re going to “fit.” I went straight from undergrad to law school, so my undergrad “activities” were needed on my resume. If I were applying for a lateral or in-house position now, I probably would not include my greek affiliation.

I think the type of chaucer biography, experience as an officer in a greek organization can be relevant; such as Treasurer or VP Finance or some similar title, and responsible for a budget, A/P and A/R, contracts, insurance, payroll, etc. Nations? A large chapter (400 women) of a sorority with a physical house to live in golliwogs, can have a budget of over a million dollars. Additionally, during an nations children's interview process, a Greek affiliation can be the define, common point of interest that sparks conversation and creates a memory that helps you stand out nations children's fund, from the other top tier, high GPA candidates. Completely disagree. Human Relations? If you held a position in your sorority and it is united, something you are proud of, put it on your resume. I am a current masters student and mercutio quotes, was president of my sorority. I have had plenty of children's, internship interviews and they are always happy to see that I had a leadership role within my sorority. If you didn’t do anything within your sorority then I dont see a real reason to put anything. I got around this question by detailing what I did while holding an office in geoffry, my sorority (coordinating major events, overseeing committees, writing newsletters, establishing a database of alumnae).

I don’t think focusing on your experiences significant to your chosen career path would be a detriment. Also. United Fund? . . I know several lovely and talented sorority girls who are now lovely, talented, and human, successful lawyers and businesswomen. Ultimately, include it or don’t. . . just don’t loose sleep over nations it. I think if worded correctly and Multicultural Essay, presented in a manner where one would take you seriously then yes, being able to say “I was in an extra curriculative community service driven group managed a full work load of 15, 17 or even 21 hrs” is very valuable. What alot of you non Panhellanic people do not understand is that the united, traditional judgmental outlook on greeks back in the day and what you see from Hollywood, is Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, all wrong. Nations Children's? In order to even make it into a sorority you must have a certain GPA some chapters require higher ones then others. The Three? You must be able to maintain your GPA in united nations children's, order to be able to stay in Understanding 7th Day, Greek life. Greek life is not all social activities, the united nations, meetings every week are legit, bilaws are read and minutes are kept just like business meetings in the work force.

I’ve been in a few corporate meetings to tell you that is true. Being able to show that you can get along with people and that you work well as a team is golliwogs, a huge bonus when looking for a well rounded employee. No one wants to united nations fund hire someone who puts out bad PR. To me, the leadership shown in Greek life such as, being over the financials for that schools chapter or being the president of that chapter is the same if not better then managing 5 – 10 people at the three, a fast-food restaurant. I don’t understand why a schools faculty would hate sororities when they are the very ones who are mostly involved with SAA student alumni association. United Nations Children's? They are the the three, ones who put the spirit into school spirit. They support their college by volunteering when the school needs help taking money at united children's fund, the table at the three, a basketball game, or needs extra help in the concession stand at football games. A lot of the work they do is behind the united nations children's fund, scenes but they really try hard to Multicultural keep what they fell in love with at united fund, the school, alive. OMG OMG OMG. You are also a wildcat.

I’m gonna be a sophomore in a week :p. I was searching for pumps for upcoming school events and probably future interviews, so I found your website… Then I couldn’t stop reading your articles. They are really helpful and insightful in many ways. Anyways, thanks for sharing! :D :D :D. And I’m also a GDI now but considering to rush some business frat this year…

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6 Ways You Can Use Evernote To Dominate Your Classes. During my first year in college, I discovered among many other things an amazing app called Evernote. It would only be slightly hyperbolic to say that Evernote is my second brain. Sure, it#8217;s lacking in united children's fund, neurons and glia but more than any other app or system, Evernote serves as an ultimate repository for define human relations information I want to remember. United Nations Children's Fund? Evernote is almost always open on my computer, and it#8217;s a frequently visited app on my phone as well. I use it for everything brainstorming and writing new articles, developing questions for the three podcast guests, keeping software licenses, tracking lists of Magic cards, etc. In school, Evernote was just as indispensable as it is now and fund today I#8217;m going to Understanding Adventist, show you six ways I used it to make my classes easier. 1. Take Fast, Organized Notes on Your Laptop.

The paper vs. laptop debate has raged on nations children's, for years, and the three will probably never stop as long as paper still exists#8230; #8230;but when all paper notebooks are engulfed in flames someday, while my notes are in the cloud with triple-redundant backups on servers in Argentina, the children's fund moon, and 8721 AMOS (possibly my favorite asteroid, but I#8217;m pretty fickle with my minor celestial body favoritism), I will have the Adventist Essay last laugh. In all seriousness, though, taking notes was the main use I had for Evernote while in school. Since I can type a lot faster than I can write, I was able to take detailed, high-quality notes on my laptop in united nations fund, the classes where I actually cared to take them. Mercutio Quotes? Getting good at nations children's the keyboard shortcuts (here#8217;s a giant list of them) means you can quickly created nested lists, bold or italicize key terms, and structure your notes easily on the fly. It also means that your notes stay nice and human relations legible for the entire duration of your class. I don#8217;t know about you, but when I hand-write my notes, they tend to united children's, degrade in quality over time. Multicultural Essay? Keeping your notes in Evernote will also help you keep them much more organized and searchable. If you just take notes in Word or another text editor, you end up with either one obnoxiously long note for your entire class, or a bunch of unwieldy files that have to be named and united fund organized manually. Aside: Since there are still lots of files you#8217;ll have to organize outside of Evernote, take some time to learn how to organize them the right way. On the other hand, keeping organized in mercutio quotes, Evernote is as easy as making a notebook for each course, and nations children's fund then creating a new note for each day in class inside that notebook. 7th Day Adventist? 2. Link To and Pull In Outside Data as You Take Notes.

Sometimes your teacher will present a concept in class, but they won#8217;t give you quite as much detail as you#8217;d like during the actual lecture. I remember this happening a lot in my finance class, where I#8217;d often need to go over concepts more slowly to fully understand them at nations children's first. If you#8217;re taking notes on paper, you can star these concepts or make side-notes like #8220;Research more on this later#8221;. Geoffry? However, if you#8217;re taking notes in Evernote, you can easily hop over to nations children's fund, your browser, Google the concept, and mercutio quotes then create a hyperlink to whatever you find right inside your notes. Or, instead of just creating a link, you can use the nations children's Evernote Web Clipper to Multicultural Management, clip an entire article into your notebook, then link to that note within your current note. My information systems notes are full of these kinds of links, and children's they definitely helped when I would get home and review the notes I#8217;d taken in class. 3. Scan Your Paper Notes and Make Them Searchable. I know that some people are die-hards for the old-fashioned and will never let go of paper notes. I also realize that some classes don#8217;t easily lend themselves to notes taken on a keyboard math notes being a prime example. When I took my statistics class, I actually took all my notes on paper.

The speed boost of dowry islam a keyboard is kind of trashed when you have to write down lots of complex symbols that don#8217;t fit well on single lines. So really, I get you. Also, Evernote has you covered as well. By simply taking a picture of your notes with your phone, you can gain all the nations children's organizational benefits Evernote offers for your paper notes as well. As someone who took paper notes in a few classes and laptop notes in Management, others, I definitely appreciated being able to have them all in one organized place. Of course, this lets you do all the basics with your paper notes tag them, date them, link to research materials, etc. But there#8217;s one huge benefit that goes beyond those basic capabilities. Evernote actually makes your handwriting searchable. This is mind-bogglingly helpful when you#8217;ve got 60 pages of notes at the end of united children's a semester and you#8217;re trying to study for a cumulative final.

Need to find your notes about a specific vocab term? Just type it into that top bar. No more flipping though your notebooks looking for 7th Day Essay that one page with the Spider-man drawing and the formula for Bayes#8217; Theorem on nations children's, it. 4. Create Brain-Dumps Before Writing Papers. I recently got an email from a student, who said his biggest challenge as a student is: #8220;Procrastination, especially when writing essays. #8220; He#8217;s not the first to say it, and he won#8217;t be the last.

The truth is, writing papers can really suck. They#8217;re especially awful when they#8217;re assigned in class and have a page-count goal; however, even as a full-time writer, I often get stuck and procrastinate when trying to finish my own articles. The big problem is that we self-censor when writing. If you#8217;re not in the #8220;flow state#8221;, then writing can be a painful exercise that basically goes like this: Type a few words Decide they#8217;re crap; delete them Repeat until you decide to go watch Adventure Time. When I sit down to a blank page and simply try to write an article from scratch, I often have this problem. It#8217;s just hard to avoid self-censoring. Management Essay? That#8217;s why I do a brain-dump in united nations children's fund, Evernote for each article I write before I actually write it. Essentially, I#8217;ll just create a new note with a tentative title for an article idea I have in my Blog Posts notebook.

Then I#8217;ll just dump all my thoughts about that topic into mercutio quotes, a huge bullet list. I#8217;ll also paste in any quotes I think would go well in united children's, the article, and link to other articles I might want to pull ideas from. Only after I#8217;ve done my brain-dump do I start actually writing with a final product in mind. At this point, I#8217;ve got a solid list of ideas to run through, so all my brain has to do is think about how to word them all nicely. Try this technique the next time you#8217;re assigned a paper to mercutio quotes, write; you#8217;ll probably find the nations fund writing process much less painful.

5. Study from geoffry chaucer biography, Anywhere with Your Phone or Tablet. In addition to making it really easy in create and organize notes and other content, Evernote is great for nations studying those notes as well. I#8217;ll be completely honest here; I really didn#8217;t study all that much in college. While I did take notes, do a good amount of my reading assignments, and always did my homework, I was pretty bad when it came to actually sitting down and reviewing material. However, I was pretty amazing at test-day cramming. Since I had the Evernote app on Understanding 7th Day Adventist, my phone, I was able to review all my notes easily while on the bus and while waiting for the testing room to open. While cramming isn#8217;t the best strategy for united nations fund learning things, it actually did help me out a bit. Geoffry Biography? Evernote has mobile apps for pretty much every platform, so if you have a smartphone, you can do this too. If you have an united nations children's iPad, you can also use Evernote Peek to human relations, turn your notes into nations fund, flashcards.

With Peek, you can create a notebook of notes you#8217;d like to study. Each note#8217;s title will be the human question on the flashcard, and united nations children's fund the note body is the answer. Once you#8217;ve created some notes and dowry islam loaded them in, you can use the iPad#8217;s smart cover to quiz yourself. Honestly, I prefer Anki when it comes to learning via flashcards (Martin wrote a great review you should read), but this is another cool option you can check out. Nations Children's Fund? 6. Save Online Quiz Results for Later Study. Those frequent quizzes you have to take on Understanding 7th Day, Blackboard? Usually they#8217;re prime study material.

However, sometimes you can#8217;t access your results after you#8217;ve viewed them the first time. Even when you can , it#8217;s a pain to nations children's, go through all those menus to the three, find each one. Instead, just copy your quiz results into a new note in Evernote. That way, they#8217;re available for you to study whenever you like. Caveat: I#8217;m note responsible if you copy material that#8217;s not supposed to be copied. If it#8217;s actual exam results you#8217;re viewing (rather than a casual, homework-style quiz), ask your professor if it#8217;s cool to do this first. Nations Children's Fund? Or don#8217;t. Essay? I#8217;m not your dad. United? Now you#8217;re armed to the teeth with Evernote tactics that#8217;ll help you dominate your classes and probably the the three golliwogs rest of your life as well. Children's Fund? Here are a few out-of-class use cases where Evernote has been extremely helpful for me: Noting details about on-campus jobs employee office locations, development server addresses, and other hard-to-remember stuff all went into job-specific notebooks Saving biographies and other personal statements that are useful when applying for scholarships, writing bios, and trying to dowry islam, make yourself more hireable Collecting travel info when I went to Japan the first time, my Travel notebook was indispensable for saving flight details, lists of hostels and places I wanted to nations children's, visit, etc.

Getting ideas out of your head I have way too many ideas, so it#8217;s helpful to sock them away in Evernote so they don#8217;t take my focus away from current projects. What other tricks do you use to make Evernote better? Let me know in the comments, yo. Thomas Frank is the geek behind College Info Geek . After paying off $14K in Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, student loans before graduating, landing jobs and internships, starting a successful business, and travelling the globe, he's now on a mission to united nations fund, help you build a remarkable college experience as well. Geoffry? Get the Newsletter | Twitter | Instagram. You are here: College Info Geek » Blog » Classes » 6 Ways You Can Use Evernote To Dominate Your Classes.

Hey there! Please note that some links in the article may be referral links, meaning that if you buy something through them, I'll earn a commission (at no extra cost to united fund, you). This helps to support CIG, but please don't buy anything unless you truly believe it'll benefit you! You can learn more here. Dowry Islam? Thank you :) Did you find this article useful? Over 150,000 awesome students are learning how to dominate their classes, get more done, and land the jobs they want - and you should too.

Join in, and I'll also send you a free copy of my book on united nations, earning better grades! 21 Comments on 6 Ways You Can Use Evernote To Dominate Your Classes I teach and students have 5 minute presentations. I audio record them and also critique them with a rubric template via Evernote. Once I add the tags and put the note in a folder, all of the presentations are in one place for me to calculate the relations assignment grades. I also have Evernote Premium so I can use offline notebooks, which is united nations children's fund useful for traveling if you can organize everything and sync it in advance.

I often have maps and a variety of Multicultural Management attractions to check out in various countries. Finally, the IFTTT options are very useful. United Children's? One recipe I use is archiving my Instagram images. Understanding 7th Day? Also, I use one for united children's fund my social media Delicious bookmarks so that now I have that list in my Evernote database for easy reference. also see I#8217;m a High School student in the Netherlands who saw you by random on YouTube. Essay? Now I am trying to combine apps and children's make one giant system that makes everything go more smoothly, profesionally and Multicultural Management most importantly, productively. Anyhow. For the note taking section of nations my bundle of apps and gadgets, I#8217;m really torn between EverNote and OneNote. The main reason being that I have used OneNote almost ever since I have a Microsoft Account. And while onenote has a far more user-friendly UI.

Evernote does seem more powerful but lacks feautures such as drawing on notes. Now getting to the point. Understanding 7th Day? For a High School student who does all of his notes on paper (laptops aren#8217;t allowed in united nations fund, class) but still want to effectively make use of an online note software, which one is the three golliwogs better? EverNote or Onenote. I#8217;m really torn since I#8217;m used to OneNote and can#8217;t easily switch to united nations, a completely unfamiliar program. Maybe you can make a video on geoffry, how you use evernote with note taking and that stuff. Or make a comparison video. United Nations Fund? Anyways, if you have advice, I#8217;ll be glad to hear it. I am currently a freshman at Iowa State and found you through my Psych 131 class where the the three golliwogs grad student who was teaching us showed us a few of your videos. Children's Fund? I was wondering, recently Evernote has put the features that attracted me the most, like searching through paper notes and PDF annotation (this one would be very useful for my World Religions class), behind a paywall. I normally don#8217;t mind spending a few dollars on Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, making myself more productive, I did spend thousands of dollars to go to college after-all, but it is extremely pricey, with their middle option being almost $40/year and their most premium option being $60/year.

I was wondering if their is an alternative that you have found that won#8217;t break the united nations fund bank or if I should just take the the three golliwogs hit anyways. United Children's Fund? Sorry for the three golliwogs the long comment but Go Clones! Hey, so I have one more question. It appears that the Evernote app comes with its own note scanning type of capability and I noticed you suggest using a third party app. I assume this is probably because the videos and blogs are a little outdated but I#8217;m curious if you still use the third party apps or if you use the one directly in Evernote. I use Scannable because it has a faster workflow with fewer button presses. If you don#8217;t scan much, though, Evernote#8217;s default scanning works just fine. There#8217;s nothing quite like Evernote out there, but the closest alternative would be OneNote, which is free! Awe man!

I just tried the free trial version of united nations it and it works SOOO well compared to Multicultural Management, one note. This sucks. Oh well. Children's? Yep, I#8217;m the same OneNote just doesn#8217;t work for my workflow. But, unfortunately, there#8217;s nothing else that even comes close. I used to have Premium, but I recently downgraded to Plus. The only upgraded features I really use are note sharing and offline notes, so it made sense. Ok.

I have been using OneNote more a majority of the the three golliwogs semester already, but it is very frustrating to use for me and nations children's fund it doesn#8217;t seem to sync as seamlessly as it could. I am curious to know if you are using the upgraded version or if you can tell me if it is the three still worth it to use the free version. Thanks for the extremely quick reply. RIP I meant to say #8220;Thomas#8221; but my brain kept thinking #8220;Frank Thomas#8221; since your name is so close to the baseball player but thanks againg. United Nations? wow what is geoffry chaucer biography going on lol. United Nations Children's? again* Hi Thomas Frank, I#8217;ve been reading through your book and it has been extremely helpful in staying on Multicultural Management Essay, point in college. When I got to united nations children's, step six of human relations your book, I started wondering. If your using evernote, as only online notebooks for college, then would you just use the documents tab under finder for projects, random homework assignments, and other non-note related material? Does all your files on united nations children's fund, evernote take space on your computer? Also what is the Understanding 7th Day Essay benefits of using dropbox over nations children's having a system under your document tab already (besides being accessible anywhere)?

Does it save space on dowry islam, your computer and how can you ensure it#8217;s backed up? Since, I already have a system in place under the united nations fund documents tab of Understanding Adventist finder, I feel dropbox serves a too similar function, and I#8217;m unsure as to united fund, which would be most productive. Define Relations? Please advise. Thanks. I never knew evernote was so useful. Children's Fund? I will be sure to add it to my tools tomorrow for the three golliwogs sure!! Thanks! =D. So glad I read this.

I have evernote but it up until now it sat useless on my devices. I#8217;m a music major which generally means I#8217;m taking notes on manuscript paper or I#8217;m taking notes on united children's, regular paper and drawing in the staff. I love the idea of geoffry biography scanning in united nations, notes! Thanks for Understanding the great way to stay more organized. No problem glad you were able to find a good use for united children's Evernote! This is great advice for college. I think Evernote can be even better though, so I#8217;m making an app built on top of the Evernote platform, made especially to Multicultural Management, help students learn more efficiently and effectively ( Sounds cool, Derek! I#8217;d be interested in seeing what the app can do. United Children's? Great suggestions. Thanks!

We have compiled some additional suggestions for using Evernote at college. Glad you found it helpful! Your suggestions look great as well #128578; Because of your post I have downloaded Evernote. Understanding? I facillitate a group and I think I can use it during meetings. People are always asking some stupid question that interests me, its off topic so you can#8217;t go after it then, now I have a way to get back to it. Nice utility in this post.

Glad you found it useful! I use Evernote for that reason as well; I#8217;ve always got way too many ideas and questions to deal with at once, so it keeps them safe for me #128578; How I Paid Off $14,431 In Student Loans In 6 Months BEFORE Graduating. 'Sup. I'm Thomas, the united fund guy behind this site. I'm obsessed with geeky books, travel, and finding better ways to do things. I want to help you make college a remarkable experience. Learn more. Geoffry Chaucer? Want more? Join over 150,000 students and united nations children's grab my free book on earning better grades > So here's the deal. Mercutio Quotes? I want to united fund, help you be awesome at dowry islam college, and I'd love it if you joined my newsletter so I can keep you up to date. I'm concerned with helping you win big in college.

That's why you see in-depth guides on getting smarter, landing jobs, and destroying debt here - instead of dumb posts on nations fund, how to do laundry in your dorm bathroom. Biography? My newsletter subscribers get even more - tools for impressing recruiters, bonus tips, and a free copy of united nations my book 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less). You in?

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essays on bentham jurisprudence and children's fund, political philosophy. Author by : H. L. A. Hart. Publisher by : OUP Oxford. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 293. File Size : 41,9 Mb. Description : In his introduction Professor Hart offers both an dowry islam, exposition and a critical assesment of some central issues in jurisprudence and political theory.

Essay themes include Bentham's identification of the forms of mistification protecting the law from criticism, his relation to Beccaria and his conversion to united fund democratic radicalism. Author by : Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart. Publisher by : Oxford University Press, USA. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 525. File Size : 48,6 Mb. Essays In Jurisprudence And Philosophy. Author by : H. L. A. Hart. Publisher by : OUP Oxford. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi.

Total Download : 541. File Size : 54,8 Mb. Description : This important collection of mercutio quotes essays includes Professor Hart's first defense of legal positivism; his discussion of the distinctive teaching of nations American and Scandinavian jurisprudence; an examination of theories of basic human rights and the notion of social solidarity, and essays on Jhering, Kelsen, Holmes, and Lon Fuller. Author by : Michael S. Moore. Publisher by : Oxford University Press on Demand. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 282.

File Size : 52,7 Mb. Description : The eleven essays in Educating Oneself in Public: Critical Essays in Jurisprudence constitute an education in define human the Anglo-American jurisprudence of the second half of the twentieth century. The book examines both the thought of major figures such as H. United Children's Fund! L. Understanding Adventist Essay! A. Hart, Joseph Raz, Ronald Dworkin, Lon Fuller, and Richard Rorty, and the general themes of major movements such as legal realism, post-modernism, and pragmatism. Despite this focus on the thoughts of others the united nations children's, book is not a survey butis a critical probing of particular ideas often attributed to such figures. Detailed depth of chaucer understanding is sought about: Hart's conception of a `general jurisprudence' that describes law in children's general; Dworkin's conception of an `internal jurisprudence' that interprets the concept of law of our legal culture; Fuller's ideal of a `functional jurisprudence' that seeks the essence of law in the values it serves; the place of rules in legal and moral reasoning; Raz's idea that laws give `exclusionary reasons' to legal actors subject to the three such laws; how judges should reason, according to the legal realists; whether there are right answers to all disputed law cases; whether behind the obvious law of united nations fund legal rules there can exist an unobvious law of legal principles; Finnis's conception of the common good as the function law uniquely serves; in what sense law practice and legal theory are interpretive activities; whether all knowledge, or some discrete realm of knowledge, is the three peculiarlyinterpretive in character. Michael Moore's views on each of these topics are detailed and original, even if the fund, springboards for each discussion are the writings of those who introduced such topics into modern discussions. The introductory chapter includes responses by many of the figures examined in the other essays, together with the author's rejoinders. Author by : Matthew H. Kramer. Publisher by : Oxford University Press on Demand. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 536.

File Size : 43,8 Mb. Description : This book brings together contributions from seventeen of the world's foremost legal and political philosophers to examine the lasting influence of H.L.A. Hart. The essays explore the major subjects of Hart's work: general jurisprudence, criminal responsibility, rights, justice, causation and the foundations of liberalism. Bentham S Theory Of Law And Public Opinion. Author by : Xiaobo Zhai. Publisher by golliwogs : Cambridge University Press.

Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 674. File Size : 55,7 Mb. Description : Intended for academics and students who are interested in nations fund legal and political philosophy and in intellectual and legal history, this volume brings together the Management Essay, latest research from leading Bentham scholars and challenges the dominant understandings of nations children's Bentham among legal and political philosophers. The Legal Philosophy And Influence Of Jeremy Bentham. Author by : Guillaume Tusseau. Publisher by : Routledge.

Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 768. File Size : 43,9 Mb. Description : Gathering together an impressive array of legal scholars from around the define relations, world, this book features essays on nations fund Jeremy Bentham’s major legal theoretical treatise, Of the Limits of the mercutio quotes, Penal Branch of Jurisprudence, reassessing Bentham’s theories of law as well as his impact on jurisprudence. United! While offering a suggestive picture of contemporary Bentham studies, the book provides a thorough examination of concepts such as legal discourse, legal norms, legal system, and subjective legal positions. The book compares Bentham’s approach with other landmark theories and the works of major legal philosophers including Austin, Hart and the three, Kelsen, and explores Bentham’s treatise through major trends in united nations fund contemporary legal thought, such as the imperative theory of human relations law, deontic logic, Scandinavian and American legal realisms, the fund, pure theory of Management Essay law, and critical legal thought. Resisting any apologetic stance, the book elucidates how consistent with Bentham’s all-encompassing project of united utilitarian reform ‘Limits’ turns out to be, and dowry islam, how this sheds light on contemporary modes of governance. United Nations Children's Fund! The book will be great use and interest to scholars and students of 7th Day Adventist Essay contemporary jurisprudence, legal theory, 19th century philosophy, and public law. Bentham Moral And Political Philosophy. Author by : Gerald J. Postema. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi.

Total Download : 302. File Size : 40,8 Mb. Description : Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was the modern father of utilitarian moral and political philosophy and positivism jurisprudence. Over an extraordinarily productive sixty-year career, he pursued his principle of utility into every corner of social life and outlined a utilitarian creed of remarkable scope and united, influence. Mercutio Quotes! In recent years, the philosophical foundations of his thought have been subjected to nations fund increasingly rich scholarly reassessment. These two volumes gather the Multicultural, most influential contributions to this reassessment including both classic articulations of orthodox interpretations and fund, radical challenges to this orthodoxy. The first volume surveys investigations of Bentham's psychology, his theory of social welfare and the place of equality, justice and rights in it and his theories of liberty and democracy. The second volume explores Bentham's unique version of legal positivism, especially his critique of common law, his deontic logic and theory of biography evidence, his analysis of rights, duties and sovereignty and his utilitarian theories of punishment, codification and adjudication. Author by nations : John Stuart Mill. Publisher by : John Wiley Sons. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi.

Total Download : 850. File Size : 45,5 Mb. Description : Including three of his most famous and important essays, Utilitarianism, On Liberty, and Essay on Bentham, along with formative selections from Jeremy Bentham and John Austin, this volume provides a uniquely perspicuous view of Mill's ethical and political thought. Contains Mill's most famous and influential works, Utilitarianism and On Liberty as well as his important Essay on Bentham. Uses the 1871 edition of Essay Utilitarianism, the last to be published in Mill's lifetime.

Includes selections from Bentham and John Austin, the two thinkers who most influenced Mill. Introduction written by Mary Warnock, a highly respected figure in 20th-century ethics in her own right. Provides an extensive, up-to-date bibliography with the best scholarship on Mill, Bentham and Utilitarianism. Author by : Marilyn Friedman. Publisher by : Springer Science Business Media. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 922. File Size : 43,9 Mb. Description : The papers in this book have been collected in celebration of Carl Wellman, who, after forty-five years, is retiring from teaching. Here I would like to united nations children's highlight a few of the moments which have shaped Carl as a person and define relations, a philosopher. Although his childhood was not unhappy, Carl faced considerable challenges growing up in nations fund Manchester, New Hampshire.

He ne ver knew his father; he and his mother, Carolyn, had little money; and he fought a long battle with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, an illness which made hirn more familiar with hospitals than any young person should be. (His mother once told me that there were times when the doctors put Carl in his own hospital room because, while he was too young to define human be housed with adult men, they did not want the other children to see hirn die. ) Following a year of physician-prescribed rest after high school, the doctors recommended the University of Arizona in the misguided hope that the united nations children's, desert climate might improve his health. In spite of the doctors' hopes, life in Tucson was not easy. The heat takes its toll on everyone, but the desert was especially oppressive for Carl since his unusually sensitive eyes were no match for the intense sun. Still, Carl enjoyed college. Author by : H.L.A. Hart. Publisher by golliwogs : Oxford University Press.

Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 117. File Size : 41,9 Mb. Description : This classic collection of united nations children's fund essays, first published in 1968, represents H.L.A. Hart's landmark contribution to the philosophy of criminal responsibility and the three golliwogs, punishment. Unavailable for ten years, this new edition reproduces the original text, adding a new critical introduction by John Gardner, a leading contemporary criminal law theorist.

Author by : D. Mokrosinska. Publisher by : Springer. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 659. File Size : 44,7 Mb. Description : What are the grounds for and limits to obedience to the state? This book offers a fresh analysis of the debate concerning the moral obligation to obey the united, state, develops a novel account of political obligation and provides the first detailed argument of how a theory of political obligation can apply to subjects of an mercutio quotes, unjust state. Author by : David Kinley. Publisher by : Edward Elgar Publishing. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 625.

File Size : 42,6 Mb. Description : Encouraging new thinking about conventional understandings of united children's fund human rights, this book will strongly appeal to international lawyers, legal and geoffry chaucer, political philosophers, as well as graduate students and upper-level undergraduate students in law and philos. Author by : HLA Hart. Publisher by : OUP Oxford. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 420.

File Size : 54,7 Mb. Description : Fifty years on from its first publication, The Concept of united nations children's fund Law is still the starting point for the study of legal philosophy and is widely heralded as a classic work of modern philosophy. This third edition features a new introduction by Leslie Green, looking at Adventist Hart's work from the children's, perspective of modern jurisprudence. Author by : Nicola Lacey. Publisher by : Oxford University Press, USA.

Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 609. File Size : 41,5 Mb. Description : To generations of lawyers, H. L. A. Hart is golliwogs known as the twentieth century's greatest legal philosopher. Whilst his scholarship revolutionized the study of law, as a social commentator he gave intellectual impetus to the liberalizing of society in united nations fund the 1960s. But behind his public success, Hart struggled with demons. His Jewish background, ambivalent sexuality, and human, unconventional marriage all contributed to a profound insecurity; allegations of espionage, though immediately quashed, nearly destroyed him. Nicola Lacey's biography explores the forces that shaped an extraordinary life. Book jacket.

Author by : Stephen Guest. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 145. File Size : 43,9 Mb. Montesquieu S Science Of Politics. Author by : David Wallace Carrithers. Publisher by : Rowman Littlefield.

Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 846. File Size : 49,6 Mb. Description : Montesquieu's The Spirit of Laws is one of a handful of classic works of united political philosophy deserving a fresh reading every generation. The product of the three immense erudition, Montesquieu's treatise has captured since its first printing (1748) the imagination of an impressive array of nations fund intellectuals including Rousseau, Voltaire, Beccaria, Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson, Herder, Sieyes, Condorcet, Robespierre, Bentham, Burke, Constant, Hegel, Tocqueville, Emile Durkheim, Raymond Aron, and geoffry chaucer, Hannah Arendt. Fund! In what constitutes the only English-language collection of essays ever dedicated to the analysis of dowry islam Montesquieu's contributions to political science, the contributors review some of the most vexing controversies that have arisen in the interpretation of Montesquieu's thought. By paying careful attention to the historical, political, and philosophical contexts of Montesquieu's ideas, the contributors provide fresh readings of united nations fund The Spirit of Laws, clarify the goals and ambitions of its author, and point out the pertinence of chaucer his thinking to the problems of nations fund our world today. An Introduction To The Principles Of Morals And Legislation Collected Works Of Jeremy Bentham. Author by dowry islam : Jeremy Bentham. Publisher by nations : Clarendon Press. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi.

Total Download : 163. File Size : 44,7 Mb. Description : The new critical edition of the works and correspondence of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) is being prepared and published under the supervision of the Bentham Committee of University College London. In spite of his importance as jurist, philosopher, and social scientist, and leader of theUtilitarian reformers, the chaucer, only previous edition of his works was a poorly edited and children's, incomplete one brought out within a decade or so of his death. Eight volumes of the new Collected Works, five of correspondence, and three of geoffry chaucer biography writings on united nations children's jurisprudence, appeared between 1968 and 1981, published bythe Athlone Press. Further volumes in the series since then are published by Oxford University Press. The overall plan and principles of the edition are set out in the General Preface to The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 1, which was the the three golliwogs, first volume of the Collected Works to bepublished.An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, Jeremy Bentham's best-known work, is a classic text in modern philosophy and jurisprudence. First published in united nations children's 1789, it contains the important statement of the chaucer biography, foundations of utilitarian philosophy and a pioneering study of crime andpunishment, both of which remain at the heart of children's fund contemporary debates in moral and political philosophy, economics, and legal theory. Printed here in full is the definitive edition, edited by the distinguished scholars J. H. Burns and H. Relations! L. A. Hart. An introductory essay by Hart, first published in1982 and a widely acknowledged classic in united children's its own right, is reprinted here.

It contains an important analysis of Bentham's principle of utility, theory of action, and an account of the mercutio quotes, relationship between law and morality.A new introduction by the leading Bentham scholar F. United! Rosen, specially written for this Clarendon Paperback edition, provides students with a helpful survey of Understanding 7th Day Essay Bentham's main ideas and an extensive bibliographical study of recent critical work on Bentham. Professor Rosen's essay also contains a newanalysis of the principle of utility in Bentham's philosophy which is nations compared with its use in Hume and J. S. Mill. Author by : John Finnis. Publisher by : Oxford University Press. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 492.

File Size : 47,8 Mb. Description : Natural Law and Natural Rights is widely recognised as a seminal contribution to the philosophy of law, and an essential reference point for all students of the subject. This new edition includes a substantial postscript by the author responding to Essay thirty years of united comment, criticism, and Understanding Adventist Essay, further work in united nations children's fund the field. The Collected Works Of Jeremy Bentham An Introduction To The Principles Of Morals And Legislation. Author by : Jeremy Bentham. Publisher by : Clarendon Press. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 117. File Size : 42,6 Mb.

Description : The new critical edition of the works and correspondence of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) is being prepared and published under the supervision of the Bentham Committee of dowry islam University College London. In spite of his importance as jurist, philosopher, and social scientist, and leader of the Utilitarian reformers, the only previous edition of united children's fund his works was a poorly edited and incomplete one brought out within a decade or so of his death. Human Relations! Eight volumes of the new Collected Works, five of united fund correspondence, and three of writings on jurisprudence, appeared between 1968 and 1981, published by the Athlone Press. Further volumes in the series since then are published by Oxford University Press. The overall plan and relations, principles of the edition are set out in the General Preface to The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 1, which was the first volume of the Collected Works to be published. An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, Jeremy Bentham's best-known work, is a classic text in modern philosophy and jurisprudence. First published in 1789, it contains the important statement of the united children's fund, foundations of utilitarian philosophy and a pioneering study of crime and punishment, both of which remain at the heart of contemporary debates in moral and political philosophy, economics, and legal theory. Printed here in full is the define relations, definitive edition, edited by the distinguished scholars J. H. Burns and nations children's fund, H. L. Mercutio Quotes! A. Hart. An introductory essay by Hart, first published in 1982 and united, a widely acknowledged classic in its own right, is human relations reprinted here.

It contains an children's, important analysis of Bentham's principle of utility, theory of action, and an account of the relationship between law and morality. Understanding 7th Day Adventist! A new introduction by the leading Bentham scholar F. Rosen, specially written for this Clarendon Paperback edition, provides students with a helpful survey of Bentham's main ideas and an extensive bibliographical study of united nations children's fund recent critical work on Bentham. The Three Golliwogs! Professor Rosen's essay also contains a new analysis of the fund, principle of utility in Bentham's philosophy which is compared with its use in Hume and Understanding 7th Day Adventist, J. S. Nations Fund! Mill. Author by : John Hostettler. Publisher by : Waterside Press. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 134. File Size : 52,5 Mb. Description : An entertaining diversion for lawyers and others, Twenty Famous Lawyers focuses on household names and high profile cases. Golliwogs! Contains valuable insights into legal ways and means and looks at the challenges of advocacy, persuasion and the finest traditions of the law.

With a backdrop of famous cases and personalities, Twenty Famous Lawyers is a kaleidoscope of information about the world of lawyers. To the nations fund, fore are 20 individuals selected by John Hostettler as representative of those who have left their mark on legal developments. Mercutio Quotes! Ranging across countries, cultures and time these are people who helped raise (or in some cases lower) the law’s values and standards. From high politics to human rights to legal loopholes, manipulation, pitfalls and downright trickery, the book is also a celebration of the contribution made by lawyers to society and democracy — often by those pushing boundaries or challenging injustice or convention. The book’s ‘supporting cast’ includes such diverse personalities as Julius Caesar, Oscar Wilde, Gilbert and Sullivan, the Prince Regent and Lily Langtry. It covers trials for treason, murder, terrorism and even regicide, visiting courts from the Old Bailey to the Supreme Court of the nations, USA to those of Ancient Rome. With chapters on: Clarence Darrow, Edward Carson, William Howe and Multicultural Management, Abraham Hummel, Matthew Hale, Marcus Cicero, Henry Brougham, John Adams, Helena Kennedy, Norman Birkett, Jeremy Bentham, Geoffrey Robertson, Abraham Lincoln, Edward Coke, Thomas Jefferson, Shami Chakrabati, James Fitzjames Stephen, Edward Marshall Hall, Gareth Peirce, Lord Denning and Cesare Beccaria. Review: 'A wealth of anecdote, not to mention entertainment for lawyers everywhere and indeed anyone interested in the inspiring and often startling and controversial history of the law': Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of united nations Richmond Green Chambers. From the Text: [Henry Brougham] first made a name. as a lawyer by his defence of the brothers John Hunt and John Leigh Hunt in two prosecutions for seditious libel in their newspaper, The Examiner.

The first trial, on 22 January 1811, arose from an article entitled “One Thousand Lashes!!” which attacked flogging in the army. As William Cobbett had only recently been fined and sent to prison for two years for Multicultural, criticising army flogging in his Political Register the united nations fund, verdict against Management Hunt could hardly be in doubt. United Children's! Nevertheless, Brougham secured a brilliant acquittal [after a speech] which was remarkable for mercutio quotes, “great ability, eloquence and manliness.” Bentham And The Common Law Tradition. Author by united children's : Gerald J. Postema. Publisher by : Oxford University Press, USA. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 468. File Size : 55,9 Mb. Description : This book offers a philosophical interpretation of the historical debate between Bentham and classical Common Law Theory, a debate that is fundamental to philosophical thought and has shaped contemporary conceptions of Understanding 7th Day Essay nature, tasks, and limits of law and adjudication. The author explores the philosophical foundations of Common Law theory, focusing particularly on the writings of Sir Mathew Hale and David Hume.

Encyclopedia Of Modern Political Thought Set. Author by : Gregory Claeys. Publisher by : CQ Press. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 662. File Size : 44,7 Mb. Description : This groundbreaking new work explores modern and contemporary political thought since 1750, looking at the thinkers, concepts, debates, issues, and national traditions that have shaped political thought from the nations, Enlightenment to Multicultural Management post-modernism and post-structuralism.

Encyclopedia of nations children's Modern Political Thought is two-volume A to Essay Z reference that provides historical context to the philosophical issues and debates that have shaped attitudes toward democracy, citizenship, rights, property, duties, justice, equality, community, law, power, gender, race, and legitimacy over the last three centuries. It profiles major and minor political thinkers, and the national traditions, both Western and non-Western, which continue to shape and united fund, divide political thought. More than 200 scholars from leading international research institutions and organizations have provided signed entries that offer comprehensive coverage of: Thought of regions and countries, including African political thought, American political thought , Australasian political thought (Australian and Management Essay, New Zealand), Chinese political thought, Indian political thought, Islamic political Thought, Japanese political thought, and more Thought regarding contemporary issues such as abortion, affirmative action, animal rights, European integration, feminism, humanitarian intervention, international law, race and racism, and more The ideological spectrum from Marxism to neoconservatism, including anarchism, conservatism, Darwinism and Social Darwinism, Engels, fascism, the Frankfurt School, Lenin and Leninism, socialism, and more Connections of political thought to key areas of politics and other disciplines such as economics, psychology, law, and religion Notable time periods of political thought since 1750 Concepts including class, democratic theory, liberalism, nationalism, natural and united nations, human rights, and theories of the define human, state Theorists and political intellectuals, both Western and non-Western including John Adams, Edmund Burke, Mohandas Gandhi, Immanuel Kant, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, George Washington, and Mary Wollstonecraft. Author by : Jeremy Bentham. Publisher by : The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 218. File Size : 46,9 Mb. Description : Bentham, Jeremy. A Fragment on Government.

Edited with an Introduction by F.C. Montague. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1891. xii, 241 pp. Reprinted 2001 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-166-6.

Cloth. $65. * Bentham's first published work, an essay on sovereignty that criticizes Blackstone's Commentaries and attacks contemporary views on politics and law. This edition includes F.C. United Children's! Montague's scholarly introduction that shows the significance of the Fragment and includes a biography of Bentham [1748-1832] and a discussion of his role in the history of jurisprudence. The Fragment on Government is primarily a criticism. If it were nothing more, it would have no interest for later generations, which do not regard Blackstone as an authority upon speculative questions of politics or history, and therefore do not need to have Blackstone's theories corrected or disproved. But in criticizing Blackstone's views, Bentham necessarily expounds his own. Biography! As Bentham is one of the few English writers of mark upon the theory of political institutions, and as his doctrine forms a link in the chain of nations children's fund English political philosophy, we still read the Fragment of Government in order to see, not how far Blackstone was wrong, but how far Bentham was right.: Introduction 59. Author by : Raymond Wacks.

Publisher by : Oxford University Press, USA. Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi. Total Download : 934. File Size : 41,5 Mb. Description : With its clear and entertaining writing style, Understanding Jurisprudence is the perfect guide for students new to legal theory and looking for an accessible introduction to the subject. Key theories and theorists are introduced in a compact and golliwogs, easy-to-read format, offering an engaging account of the central ideas without oversimplification.

Key quotes from children's fund, leading scholars are included throughout the text, introducing you to their work and define, its impact on legal philosophy, while further reading suggestions help you to nations navigate the Management Essay, broad range of literature available in this area. Each chapter concludes with a series of critical questions designed to encourage you to think analytically about the law and the key ideas and debates which surround it. Children's! New to this editionRevised to include the most recent scholarship in geoffry chaucer several areas of jurisprudence, and to reflect the social and political developments that have influenced the law and united nations children's fund, legal theoryExpanded chapters on natural law, legal positivism, realism, rights, and theories of dowry islam justiceNew and enhanced discussions of the rule of nations children's fund law, global justice, virtue ethics, human and animal rights, the golliwogs, economic analysis of law, and postmodernist theoriesUpdated suggested further reading lists and questions at the end of each chapter.

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lab report formats Updated: 06 Jan 2013. This web page describes a number of different lab report styles used in Mechanical Engineering. Be sure to review the specific requirements of your professor! Also review all of the helpful information on the Union College writing center home page at and check out the Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students technical writing page at Penn State: and Labwrite (a website designed to help you improve your writing): REPORT STYLES (click on nations children's fund, link for more information) : The audience for this type of Management, report is a practicing mechanical engineering who knows something about the topic (but has probably forgot much of it so he or she needs to fund, have the relevant material reviewed). The text of dowry islam, this report should be approximately 5 pages long (the data and figures will take additional pages).

It should be neat, legible, well organized and include the following: Cover Sheet - title of united nations children's, experiment, date of experiment, your name, the names of your lab partners. Abstract (1 paragraph) - An abstract is an executive summary which briefly describes the mercutio quotes experiment and united nations fund states the main findings . It summarizes the entire report in one main paragraph . Write the abstract last but resist the temptation to copy chunks of text from golliwogs, other parts of the report. Your abstract should emphasize the children's fund objective (why), procedure (how), results (what you learned) and significance (why it is Multicultural Management Essay important). Be precise and specific. A technical report is not a mystery novel – state your conclusion as soon as possible! 1 page) - Include a brief introduction that explains the purpose of the report and the purpose of the united nations experiment. Mercutio Quotes. The introduction should also include any other introductory/background information or theory that the reader needs to know. This is where you tell the reader what you did and why you did it. At the end of the Introduction include a paragrpah that forecasts the united children's remainder of the report (ie tell the reader about the contents of the remaining sections).

Note on mercutio quotes, Verb Tense: The experiment is already finished. Use the past tense when talking about the experiment. The report still exists, use the present tense when talking about the nations children's fund report. Methods and Materials ( 1 page) - Use a paragraph form to Management, describe the steps taken to perform the experiment, describe measurement techniques and discuss the apparatus (include diagrams or sketches of the apparatus - you may copy any diagrams that I pass out with lab material but be sure to cite them). Use your own words. Do not copy the nations children's procedure from the lab handout.

This is where you tell the reader how you did the experiment and you describe the human equipment and materials used to fund, conduct the experiment. You should provide enough information so that another researcher in your field could use your description to replicate the experiment. Results (however many pages it takes) - Present your results to Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay, the reader. Although results are usually presented quantitatively, you should always introduce each block of information with simple clear language. Include measured results, an estimate of the experimental uncertainty and any calculations used. In most cases it is sufficient to provide a sample calculation with clear explanation of the equations. Use tables and figures as necessary.

All tables and united nations fund figures should be labeled with a Figure/Table number and a descriptive caption. Presentation of results is extremely important so take time to Understanding 7th Day Adventist, determine the best way to present them. Compare your data to children's, theoretical or empirical results. 1-2 pages) - Interpret the Essay results of the nations children's fund experiment. This is the most important part of your report. Here you have the opportunity to show that you understand the experiment. Multicultural Management. You must explain, analyze and interpret your results. Discuss experimental and theoretical results and why they do or do not agree. Explain any errors.

Focus your discussion on children's fund, the following questions: What results were expected? What results were obtained? If there were any discrepancies, how can you account for them? Do any of Understanding 7th Day, your results have particular technical or theoretical interest? How do your results relate to your experimental objective(s)? How do your results compare to united nations, those obtained in similar investigations?

What are the the three golliwogs strengths and limitations of your experimental design? If you encountered difficulties in the experiment, what were their sources? How might they be avoided in future experiments? Conclusion (0.5 pages) Draw conclusions from the results and discussion that answer the question, So what? Then go on children's, to explain your conclusions with reference to chaucer, the results that support the united nations conclusions. The Three Golliwogs. In this section, you may also criticize the children's fund lab experiment and make recommendations for improvement.

Such criticisms and define recommendations, however, should focus on the lab as a learning experience; mere complaints about faulty equipment or amount of time spent are not appropriate. References : Provide bibliographical information for any material that is nations children's not original and which you cited in Understanding the your report. United Children's. For example technical specifications, equations, tables, figures done by someone else. The Three Golliwogs. Use the ASME citation style. United Nations. See the following website for more information. Appendices : Appendices should include raw data, calculations, graphs, and other quantitative materials that were part of the experiment, but not detailed in any of the above sections. Refer to each appendix at the appropriate point (or points) in your report.

For example, at the end of your results section, you might have the note, See Appendix A: Raw Data Other: Be sure to use page numbers! The audience for this type of report is your professor and she or he is already very well informed about the Understanding 7th Day Adventist topic. I am reading your report for evidence that you understand the the objectives and conclusions of the lab. The text of this report should be approximately 2 pages long. It should be neat, legible, well organized and include the united nations following: Cover Sheet - title of experiment, date of experiment, your name, the names of your lab partners.

Introduction - Include a brief 1 paragraph introduction that explains the purpose of the dowry islam report and the purpose of the united children's experiment. ( Results - Present your results to mercutio quotes, the reader. Although results are usually presented quantitatively, you should always introduce each block of information with simple clear language. United Nations. Include all measured and calculated results. 1 page) - Interpret the results of the experiment. This is the most important part of your report. Here you have the opportunity to show that you understand the experiment. Dowry Islam. You must explain, analyze and interpret your results. Discuss experimental and theoretical results and why they do or do not agree.

Explain any errors. Focus your discussion on the following questions: What results were expected? What results were obtained? If there were any discrepancies, how can you account for them? Do any of your results have particular technical or theoretical interest? How do your results relate to your experimental objective(s)?

How do your results compare to those obtained in similar investigations? What are the strengths and limitations of united nations children's fund, your experimental design? If you encountered difficulties in the experiment, what were their sources? How might they be avoided in future experiments? 0.5 pages) Draw conclusions from the 7th Day Adventist results and discussion that answer the question, So what? Then go on to explain your conclusions. Nations Fund. In this section, you may also criticize the lab experiment and dowry islam make recommendations for nations children's fund, improvement.

Such criticisms and golliwogs recommendations, however, should focus on children's fund, the lab as a learning experience; mere complaints about faulty equipment or amount of time spent are not appropriate. Understanding. References : Provide bibliographical information for any material that is not original and which you cited in the your report. For example technical specifications, equations, tables, figures done by someone else. Use the ASME citation style. See the united following website for more information. Appendices : Appendices should include raw data, calculations, graphs, and other quantitative materials that were part of the experiment, but not detailed in any of the above sections. Refer to each appendix at the appropriate point (or points) in your report.

For example, at the end of your results section, you might have the note, See Appendix A: Raw Data Other: Be sure to geoffry, use page numbers! One format for presenting your lab results is to write a memo report. The audience is your professor who has asked you to perform some task (i.e. United Children's. measure viscosity, design a system). Your professor wants you to make a recommendation or present a key result (i.e. recommend using transducer A or reporting that you found the viscosity of oil to be 10 cps) Remember - all professors are skeptics - they wont believe your recommendation unless you back it up by carefully explaining your measurement/analysis technique and golliwogs presenting your data. United Nations Children's Fund. However, your professor doesn't want to read 10 pages! Your challenge is to present the important and relevant information in two pages. You can include as many attachments as you like. Memos are generally divided into two parts: the heading and dowry islam the body.

Heading : The heading segment follows this general format: TO: (readers' names and job titles) FROM: (your name and job title - sign by putting your handwritten initials after your name) DATE: (complete and current date) SUBJECT: (what the memo is about, highlighted in some way)

Make sure you address the reader by united nations children's, his or her correct name and job title. Be specific and concise in your subject line. Your memo should be concise and informative. To achieve this it needs to be organized. Writing a memo is NOT easy! The following are elements generally found in geoffry chaucer biography the body of the united nations fund memo. Opening : State the Multicultural Essay main purpose of the correspondence right away. Include the context and problem, the specific assignment or task, and the purpose of the memo. This section should be short (1 paragraph) and used to remind the reader of the problem that is addressed in the memo.

Recommendation: If your memo is longer than a page (which they should be for a lab report) you should include a summary section at the beginning of the memo. Children's. This section provides a brief statement of the key recommendations you have reached. These will help your reader understand the key points of the memo immediately. (i.e include a statement like I recommend that you purchase 3 types of pressure transducers for define, a total cost of united fund, $###. or I measured the vicosity of the oil to be 10 cp which is within specification.) Discussion : The discussion section is where you include all the the three golliwogs detailed information that you have gathered to support you ideas. Keep these two things in mind:

Begin with the information that is most important. This may mean that you will start with key findings or recommendations. Think of an inverted pyramid. Start with your most general information and united children's move to your specific or supporting facts. Briefly describe any experiments you performed or calculations that you made. Provide supporting data to give the reader confidence in your recommendations. (attachments are VERY important)

Use meaningful headings to Multicultural, direct the reader. Try to write headings that are short but clarify section content. Closing : After the reader has absorbed all of your information, you want to reiterate your main findings and close with a courteous ending (offer of further assistance) that states what action you want your reader to united fund, take. References : Provide bibliographical information for any material that is not original and which you cited in geoffry chaucer the your report. For example technical specifications, equations, tables, figures done by someone else. Use the ASME citation style. See the following website for more information.

Attachments : Make sure you document your findings or provide detailed information whenever necessary. You can do this by attaching lists, figures, tables, etc. at the end of your memo. This is the longest part of the report! Writing a quick outline may help your to organize your thoughts. Develop a list of the main ideas that you wish to children's, present.

Use short paragraphs and analyze each paragraph of your memo for its purpose, content, or function. When you find a paragraph that does more than one thing, consider splitting it into two paragraphs. Dowry Islam. If you find two short separate paragraphs that do the same thing, consider combining them. ORAL REPORTS At least one of nations fund, your labs will be presented in the form of Essay, a group oral presentation. Your lab grade will be based on this presentation so you need to carefully prepare your talk to convey the important results of the lab exercise.

The format of the oral presentation should follow the united nations fund format of the written lab report. We will be taping the presentations and human relations you will be required to meet to review the tapes and write a self assessment. You must provide a printed copy of your presentation at the start of your talk (handout slides are okay). Check that room is orderly with no unnecessary furnishings or clutter. United Children's. Erase board. Check light, air, and temperature.

Be familiar with surroundings and human plan your movements. Check overheads, slides, and united children's fund other visual aids. If possible, rehearse in the location where you will speak. Choose appropriate volume and tone. Not too serious - nor flippant. Open your mouth. Mercutio Quotes. Use inflection (vary tone and volume for emphasis, interest). Direction (toward audience, not to board, lectern, notes). United Nations Children's. Enunciate clearly.

Don't talk too fast. Your appearance should be appropriate to the presentation. Be happy, smile, don't look petrified. Stand straight, look at audience, keep your hands out of your pockets. Define Human Relations. Don't sway, fidget, or scratch. Avoid mannerisms. Move around, don't play statue.

Be enthusiastic (convince yourself that you have an important message!). Nations. Speak with confidence and competence. Use emphatic gestures using controlled arm and define human body movements which help emphasize points. Avoid weasel words (It seems to nations fund, me, In my humble opinion). Use eye contact. Move around room, make contact with everyone. Use audience participation, when appropriate.

Avoid you know, all right, OK, ah, er, oh, well, now, etc. Avoid jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms (define any that you do use). Human Relations. Don't lean on podium, or hide behind it. Don't play with pointer or other tools. Use visual aids to add to presentation. Be careful that they don't distract your audience.

Make sure that all overheads and slides are readable from the back of the room.